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【 Dry goods. In the Chinese style style, complicated the simple, elegant atmosphere

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-05

what your impression of Chinese style style? ” Complex & quot; ” Thick & quot; ” Bearing the history & quot; ” Atmospheric & quot; And so on adjectives became the labels of Chinese style style, and some like & quot; Old & quot; ” Square & quot; ” Heavy & quot; Such as adjectives have become the symbol of another kind of sense of Chinese style style. And the true Chinese style style, need stylist with the elegance of Chinese style and simple design elements in the inside of the atmosphere, combined with each other, blends.

the case on color is given priority to with real wood, use a lot of Chinese characteristic as the main element and the french country furniture, the sofa of the sitting room wall with a pair of big picture as a background, TV wall made of hollow out grid U line, give priority to tone with the design style of ancient sweet patina, the design style of Chinese style style represented by palace architecture, more is given priority to with lumber, talking about color contrast, modelling is exquisite symmetry.

restaurant use is generalized as a partition to partition and dining area with the traditional oakwood furnitureand the collocation of Chinese style element, vestibular area with the hollow board below plus the combination of the color of the shoe ark. Chinese style space stress levels, multi-purpose every window, screen to break up, make a strong framework, with real wood with a fixed bracket, use among Ling carve patterns or designs on woodwork, make the design of of primitive simplicity.

the study and bedroom is given priority to with contracted design style, not particularly complex design, the study adopts the arhat bed and the collocation of solid wood furniture, the master bedroom with pale yellow wallpaper with solid wood furniture, and on the surface of the top Angle of line and wooden line, one integrated mass. Designers skillfully use all kinds of oakwood furnitureand some traditional Chinese style element collocation gives the new Chinese style style.

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