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Dress up 'green' the space that defend bath small coup

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-08

( Preface] Today to bring about dress green is the theme of the creative space that defend bath; Small tips:

1. A small area of the green; Ornament

if you didn't use to in the design of green, the wei yu that can try stool in the bathroom, toilet brush, trash cans and other small details with a small area of the green; For ornament, let the dim green hover in the space that defend bath.

2。 Use green plants pure

between wei yu is not suitable for large plants, often can use some easy to survive a hydroponic plant, for example eyeball effect, other, lucky bamboo to play let whole wei yu looks more vitality.

3。 Different shades of green transition

a single color of green, easy to produce visual fatigue, in order to enrich the visual, can consider to use different shades of green in the bathroom to make the transition, such use is more clear and clear.

4。 Commodity use green;

usually, like cosmetics, bath products, towels and other daily necessities can choose green, green and toilet ideas; Topics reflect, with also can better to adjust atmosphere.

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