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Don't stupid when solid wood furniture 'classic

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-14

scouring the globe to find good solid wood furniture, now many people have this dream. Natural environmental protection of timber, sophisticated technology, oakwood furnituresolid impression to the person. But it is often found that most of the oakwood furnitureon the market still has a few decades they have no too big surprise; The design of, deserve to go up is not western style; Cloth art adornment, coupled with the showroom not too picky; Display, really some can't keep up with the rhythm; , let a person can't love. With the continuous upgrading of consumption demand, as the design brand the meteoric rise of a lot of oakwood furniturein the operatives; Now faced with a choice: stick to their invariable style to go? Or into appropriate new elements to new products? How to keep consumers to his enthusiasm, is now a lot of solid wood furniture brand a compulsory subject.

intensive cultivation is not enough solid wood furniture need to keep up with the rhythm;

although many consumer home are in with a intensive cultivation with a history of more than ten years, even decades, real; Old furniture, but now into furniture stores, board type furniture function more and more, soft furniture more and more beautiful, and then go back and look at the most senior of solid wood fellows; , not just consumers, even the brand's bosses; Has a long story of bitterness, and heart full of expectation. Where is the value of solid wood furniture? Which cannot be neglected in the important details when the choose and buy?

return of wood to inheriting a reason

there is life of wood. ; In the field of solid wood furniture unique style RongLin household, with RongLin & middot; Betelnut, RongLin & middot; Kyocera, RongLin & middot; Wutong three nice brand consumers here, President QiLin RongLin household, he has been in close communication with the plasticity is extremely strong wood. See each each texture, a brown eyes, select material, dark side in the morning and evening, as the pores of people breathing coating process & hellip; … From deforestation to drying, there are exquisite. If in wood products production process there is a little bit of opportunistic, craze, deformation of these cases will be behind you. Wood has a lot of their own unique things, they are alive. ;

whether drying cycle, or coating process, or a complex mortise and tenon joint structure, these details may not be the sales staff explained consumers don't understand. In fact, if the brand with a craftsman's rigour and the love of life, to make an aesthetic and heritage value of furniture, can not only for the use of people, more like the members of your family, life to communicate with you. You know, the added value of real wood is not the material itself, reflect the humanism, technology and more feelings, real wood furniture is the best end-result.

based design can reengineering process is just classic

how to use modern design allows the traditional craft to replay the brilliance?

first of all, designers realize that design is a form of visual art, not just the root of the design is to provide a solution to the problem. Now that we have to solve the problem, then the design will need to be diligent, can't just stay in expressing personal visual preference. design is to seek balance first. Functionality, security, maintenance, cleaning and shape these a wide variety of topics, all with balance for the principle to solve one by one, to make the original high work. Not only that, product positioning, pricing, cost, function and so on are all need to consider.

so the revival of the traditional process, the revival of the Chinese style furniture, is not only a designer on adding some elements as simple as that. Ideas like we used to see China, a lot of moment are just some of the cultural symbol simply with the items, as if with the dragon elements can be on behalf of the Chinese style originality, so that the combination of the simple and crude, really is the abuse of cultural symbol. Secondly, designers need to insight into the process, respect artisans experience and creativity, flexibility in the cooperation.

all in all, the design is the art of balance, the balance exists in the design, the details of the business link, also exists in cooperation with the traditional process and craftsman.

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