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Don't be fooled oak and rubber wood

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-22

what is oak?

oak is widely distributed in the northern hemisphere the general area, woodiness is good, is to do furniture common material. Oak weight, hard, straight grain, structure, colour quietly elegant, beautiful texture, mechanical strength high, wear-resisting, wood is not easy to dry, saw cutting and cutting. Market oak is roughly divided into two categories of red oak and white oak, pattern difference between straight grain and horizontal grain, straight grain is good, price is a bit expensive. Real oak relatively expensive

two types of domestic and imported oak points, we have oak, yunnan, hainan does not see more, but the high quality material still needs to be imported from abroad, such as Europe, America and other places, good material per cubic metre of nearly ten thousand yuan, this also is the important cause of the high price of oak french country furniture. Sales on the market at present the domestic price is much lower than that of the imported oak, general is given priority to with made in yunnan and hainan, and yunnan oak is better than that of hainan oak.

what is rubber wood?

rubber wood is rich in south east Asia countries, is an integral part of a rubber, latex is source of raw materials. Rubber wood is heavy and hard, coarse structure, colour quietly elegant, beautiful texture, mechanical strength high, wear-resisting, touch the surface have a good feeling. Is recognized as one of the world's most widely used light hardwood wood. And because the performance comparison of the environmental protection rubber wood, so the rubber wood to make furniture is often referred to as the environmental protection furniture.

rubber wood raw material for the production of natural rubber rubber, after a season is cut to make refers to the board, so the formal name for: rubber wood refers to the board or rubber wood line. And oak belongs to high-grade material, without referring to the plate, there is no comparability between them. Rubber wood is domestic and imported two categories. Domestic rubber wood timber price is controlled in 3000 yuan/cubic meter, rubber wood timber imports cost around 6000 yuan/cubic meter.

the difference between the two

ordinary consumers can identify by the following:

1, relatively oak furniture price would be high;

2 has more distinct yamagata, oak wood, wood clear value higher and higher, touch feel is more exquisite, rubber wood can't do,

3, oak, quality of a material is very hard, feel very heavy, and rubber wood is relatively soft, feel is smaller and lighter.

4, if consumers to buy the dark oak furniture, want to take a closer look at not part of the painting, the presence of oak fine clean feeling.

5, oak furniture had better choose color, color is very pure and beautiful, and rubber wood lubricious pure, not even a spot, black spots.

although the gap is large oak and rubber wood, but the carpenter elder brother feel belittled blindly raise oak rubber wood furniture furniture is actually not objective. After all, they each have each advantage, oak high quality, high performance/price ratio, and rubber wood, suitable for different consumer market is different. Consumers only need to pay special attention to, don't buy by unscrupulous fool, bought a fake oak at a high price.

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