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Do you know the benefits of custom tatami

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-05

a, what is the tatami custom?

tatami exclusive custom, not only increase the receive a space, and personality and generous!

the study into a form of couch couch rice, grafting, desk bookcase top ark can store content, increase the storage space. Study work tired you lay down on couch couch rice, the design of the lifting platform, make tea more pleasant reading.

in tatami bed, computer table is closely combined with tatami, shapes of the lane and design, suitable for books, clothes, shoes, and miscellaneous collection of objects, to satisfy the powerful receive a function, improve the overall efficiency.

2, why do you want to customize the couch couch rice?

according to your requirements, tailor-made a process is the process of custom tatami, this is also a custom french country furniture the initial processing belong to the same type, but custom tatami room space is told them my ideas and design master, by interior designers put your ideas in your home, highlight personality, fashion elements.

1, meet the living habits of different user groups

2, meet common french country furniture can meet the personalized needs of

3, tatami custom designed according to owner, is a reflection of the owners thinking

4, custom tatami adapt more to adapt to the era style

three, customize the benefits of couch couch rice?

1, multi-function more economy: a bed, carpet, stool chair or sofa and other functions. Ou shi to decorate VS tatami, cost increase by 3 - 4 times.

2, small space utilization: 1 3 room roof, more than 10 ㎡, solve the space of small family room.

3, contracted fashion greener: Japanese style, exquisite natural color of calm, pure natural materials, to have absolute health benefits

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