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Do you know ou solid-wood collocation when there are several solutions?

by:HOOLNN     2020-11-28

the bedroom is a person most the place that can loosen body and mind, of which the most important factor in the bedroom is a bed, and now the most popular is the environmental protection and lasting solid wood bed, no matter in which solid wooden bed to be able to let a person feel shu xin, today want to say is the collocation of european-style solid wood bed of the bedroom.

european-style solid wood collocation knowledge introduces for you below

with the end of the bed in the bedroom bed has become a common way to show, not only beautiful and harmonious, and is convenient for people to use and life. The floor of the bedroom with a large area of grey carpet, sapphire bedstead the pearl silver end of the bed, in front of the end of the bed is dark blue needle type end of the bed. The decoration of the room with luxurious and elegant European style, let a person shine at the moment. Convenient dresser more refined and luxurious cushions and the end of the bed.

in european-style solid wood bed with bed end

the adornment of the bedroom is full of elegant and warm family atmosphere. The beige tile floor of the bedroom. Centre is a wooden bed frame, there is lavender above the bed, bed end simple design in neatly. One side of the bedroom walls painted with light brown pigment, color soft is beneficial to people's mood relaxed, better sleep.

bedroom is spread with beige tile

bedroom decorated with Chinese traditional style restoring ancient ways, creating a unique decorative effect. Bedroom floor, is a film of ceramic tile, with various textures. Dark brown soft skin big bed is both expensive and old-fashioned, wooden bed is on the fine porcelain. The head of a bed of the bedroom, hanging from the golden decorative pattern, decorated with delicate and complex decorative pattern on both sides, the wooden bed and the whole design style of the room.

joined the element

restoring ancient ways of european-style bedroom room has a classical western European style decoration, decoration luxurious atmosphere, the splendid decoration inspiration gives strong aesthetic feeling. Room decoration use waterproof dark brown wood, strong thick. On the floor of the room is covered with tile of dumb light of shallow brown, with delicate design, the middle of the room stood a white leather sofa, pure and clean, and next to the dark have different reflective effect.

strong classical western European style collocation

the bedroom is decorated with a kind of of primitive simplicity and elegant aesthetic feeling, can let a person very good stress relief and comfort. The floor of the room is covered with dark brown wood, diagonal cross. The wall of the room plastered with beige and gray stripe wallpaper, here is the white board as the parapet. On the other side of the room is a large white chest, there is a huge storage space, can put a different types of clothes.

bedroom of the collocation of floor, wallpaper, chest

red and red wine on the collocation of european-style solid wood was extremely happy, romantic and passionate, and noble wine red and added a few minutes composed for it, put on the european-style solid wood bedroom not only makes the bedroom appears romantic warmth, also can compare with the original home atmosphere.

red with wine red is warm

white match with red wine is one of the classic combination of solid wooden bed, wine red for luxury and noble, white symbolizes purity and pure and fresh, white and red wine perfect collocation, make real wood seem arbitrary harmony and do not break luxurious and expensive gas. Brown is the instinctive quality of lumber and land, it can let a person feel safe and friendly. In a brown furniture in the room are more likely to feel at home. Brown is the ideal of solid wood color, because brown feels smooth.

european-style solid wood and white wine, red

sort out above is small make up for all European solid-wood collocation knowledge is introduced, in fact I'm a bed not just good-looking collocation, among them there are some knowledge of feng shui, which is to introduce this small make up for you.

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