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Decorate the secret! Teach you how to decorate how to save money

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-18
To save money to decorate people always is the most concerned problems, then, actually how to save money when decorate? Below the rich los furniture is summarizes several recruit decorating tips for you, we look together! A, in strict accordance with the design budget to decorate not in construction process, listen to the contractor or the designer's advice, change the materials today, tomorrow, add a bedside table, decorate cost will increase a lot. Second, from decorate a company to offer and settlement aspects province 1, decorate a company to purchase detail, is a lot of things, should decorate a company to buy finally become your own money to buy? 2, as shown in decorate a contract project accounting decorate a style, pay attention to the major projects and duplicate payment details. 3, accounting practical decorate area, according to the actual measurement area shall prevail, don't let decorate a company in accordance with the construction area of calculation. 4, retaining the designer's budget sheet, prevent designer fudging on quantities and materials. Three, from purchasing materials save cost on material cost accounts for a large proportion of project cost, and quality of different brands of same material, the price differs a few times, so the material cost control is more important. What about how to control the cost of the decoration materials, from the following steps to solve the roughly: 1, each kind of decoration materials has, in the next few hierarchical, choose your decorate class and decorate a style, and then according to the grade of purchase. The same brand of materials, ceramic materials, in particular, in the case of normal sales, quality is not much difference, difference is the appearance, such as toilet, ceramic tile, etc. Bargains, there is no problem under normal circumstances, the price of the product type can be cheaper than half. 2, choose time to buy, you will save more. In general, household building materials market at the time of opening, promotional efforts will be very big, if buy bargains at this time, so it would save a lot of the material cost, such as the May Day and 11 other two big discounts the main time, the time you will save almost half of the material cost, here are buying bargains. 3, buy materials, design allows designers to follow, meet at a discount to buy the most cost-effective. 4, to reflect the grade, can take most cheap way to a small number of expensive ', most of the materials and methods using cheap, a few make the finishing point part adopts high-priced, so look will have higher style. Four, to find to decorate a company is also a way of saving money and worry 1, high cost of the operation of the big decorate a company to charge is also on the high side, if do the decoration of small and medium-sized class can look for small and medium-sized companies. 2, find decorate company must choose qualified, don't find a contractor directly, such cases appear contradictory. As your cost is much higher, might also not guarantee quality.
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