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Decorate not quantity! Is the play rascal!

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-10
Many owners, I have a family drawing, why self-indulgent quantity room? This is not reinvent the wheel! Amount of room this step is really important, only knew all about room the size of the various places, in order to suit the remedy to the case. Quantity is to facilitate the designers do reasonable design, accurate budget, achieve the goal of make construction strict construction. To item 1, door model figure

should be prepared before the designer to quantity room & ndash; — Door model figure. What's the figure are up to, anyway, in the hands of the designers and master, can be changed decayed for magical.

2, understand the property regulations

understand the rules of the property to decorating & ndash; — What specific requirements such as water and electricity transformation, building facade can change, where is the sewer of toilet. If all the dust settles, such as a paper document down to tear open change, there is no love. Amount of room project 1, measure the data

measurement of metope, ground, water and electricity length, width and height of the road, as well as door, window, the position of air conditioning, heating, etc. The above data is very accurate, they will directly affect the decoration.

hydropower road 2, exploration and grass-roots

survey of existing hydropower house road, wall, ground and hutch defends the top of the base, etc. , determine the renovation project of hydropower road and basic level processing and quantity. Amount of room process

1, inspect it again all the rooms, know basic room structure and layout; 2, draw on the paper plane (probably Not particular about size, the plane is used to record the size of the specific data, but to reflect around before and after the connection between room and room and details) ;

3, from the beginning of the door, a measurement of a room, and the measurement of each data record to the corresponding position of the plane;

4, of the out of the room by the measuring tape or range finder length, height, Length to be close to the ground measurements, height to clingy wall corner measure, which is less error) ;

5, the gateway to another room size measurement again after the record ( Clear understanding of the structure between the two rooms) ;

6, measuring the length, width and height of the door itself, to measure the door and belongs to the wall of the left and right interval size, measuring the interval size of door and smallpox;

7, testing Windows and the granularity of the ground, especially the toilet window and the window along the high from top surface;

8, according to the doors and Windows way of measuring the dimensioning of the switches, sockets, pipes is clear. ( Kitchen, toilet paid special attention to) ;

9, according to the above method, all the rooms in the house measure it again. In order to avoid missing, after the order to a layer of measurement to measure another layer, and the order of the room from left to right, one is complete;

10, has a special use different color pen mark clearly. All the key areas and key position pictures with a camera or camera records ( Can be repeated analysis of trace in the future) ;

11, after drawing model sketch, after recording the frame size, to record the location of the embedded pipe, including embedded water supply and drainage pipelines, embedded gas pipeline, embedded household electrical wiring, embedded heating pipes, clearly indicate the width size and high position;

after the 11, in the full measurement, a comprehensive check it again, in order to ensure accurate measurement, careful, in place.

12, for size and domestic outfit design related content, if has the need to communicate with the owner to coordinate to timely communication in place, at the scene said in telephone, WeChat lest the future is not clear. Amount of room

1, record the data as a whole the whole amount

the more accurate data, design and decorate the more accurate, minimize the rework problem in decorating a process, also make the space effect to the utmost, perfectness, save every meter area.

theory 2, understand the pattern observed the pattern of the house and front, such as how to lighting conditions. Observe the surrounding environment, such as noise will affect life. If congenital conditions are not good, you need the late design solutions are put forward.

so, everybody get to you, all is not the quantity room decorate is play rascal, the room is definitely not a dispensable step, light, a building the ground of the foundation!

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