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Decorate a style to the origin of the 'Mediterranean style'

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-15

( The preface] Mediterranean style originated in the early stage of the Renaissance of Western Europe, the Mediterranean style because of its rich in affinity rural amorous feelings and downy tonal collocation, gradually and is loved by people outside the Mediterranean.

the origin of the Mediterranean style

Meditrranean; English is the Mediterranean, the word comes from Latin, word meaning refers to the center of the earth, since ancient times, as an important trade center in Western Europe, the Mediterranean and ancient Rome, Greece, the cradle of Christian civilization, Persian civilization. Coast of the Mediterranean region 2000 miles, there are 17 countries, any fukang, Mediterranean and existing residents for more localized local people, take this, also gives birth to the colorful style.

the beauty of the Mediterranean style, contains the sea and the sky bright color, the fragrance of lavender, jasmine, rose, as if by seawater erosion of the white wall, with a long history of ancient architecture, the road is bold and unrestrained of paddy fields of golden yellow, reddish brown and khaki woven into the powerful army of national colors. As Greece white village glittered in the blue sky, the blue of the Spanish coast and white sand beach, in southern France lavender wafts of blue wood lubricious fragrance, southern Italy sunflowers field flashing golden in the sunlight, north Africa, the unique desert and rock formation of the natural landscape of the combination of strong colour red, brown, khaki. Everything, all drawn from nature and bright colors.

tone of Mediterranean style is bright, color is rich, bold and simple, rich nationality, with obvious characteristics. To perfectly show in decorate Mediterranean style don't need too much skill, maintained a simple mind, capture the light, drawn from nature, and in terms of the use of color, bold and do not break free.

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