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Decorate a style to series of 'Korean rural style'

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-15

( The preface] Korean rural style in modern decorate a style is a kind of more common decorate a style, and has always been the focus of attention.

Korean rural style reflects is a kind of comfortable and carefree, natural rural life interest. Usually, breakage and rough is allowed, because this is more close to natural. Korean rural style on materials advocate natural, brick, stone, wood, ceramic, cane, bamboo, etc. , as natural as possible. In terms of the quality of a material of woven items in natural products such as hemp, cotton, the texture is conform to the characteristics of the rustic style not sedulous carve, of course, sometimes will also be on the wall hangs a picture of wool knitting murals, reflect the theme of rural scenery. At the same time, the Korean rural also as far as possible to the bedroom into a green space; , or do something heavy adornment or the bottom of the decoration, can also be arranged along the window, make plants and bedroom a good fusion, create a natural, simple, elegant household atmosphere. At this time, we sincerely invite three five friends, toast to invite the bright moon, drink into three people. ; Really don't have the feeling of a xanadu.

the origins of the Korean rural style

contemporary bedroom of rural style is advocating return to nature; 。 Therefore, only combine with nature, can be obtained in today's fast-paced life so physical and psychological balance. So, the rural style to reflect a natural rural life interest. And this kind of natural life interest squarely in the current urban expansion, the urban environment deteriorating, emerging gap between mutual and worry about age. Rural style well catered to people to care about nature, return to natural desire of love. Genomic, plus all contributed to the revival of the rural style and popular today.

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