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Decorate a style series 'American country style'

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-03

( The preface] Recently we made a preliminary understanding of European style, to Jane today, and I together to get to know daily often use one of the styles of American country style decorating; 。

in general, American furniture must go through several stages of processing in order to show American style. Different in different parts of timber and wood all sorts of beautiful texture, as well as the trees growing due to pathological changes in the process of special texture are the love of American furniture. Secondly, wood drying way generally USES natural drying and drying furnace drying, two methods to remove the gap between wood and reasonably will shrink the space between the lines to properly to avoid wood crimped. The next step is to choose the wood based site. Most of the best wood from timber and wood heart near the bottom of the trunk parts, and wooden centre usually more than new wood or wood outer black. High-end furniture often choose good wood woodiness comparison sites in order to enhance the simple sense of french country furniture and value. The best evaluation for the American furniture is nostalgic, romantic and cherish the time.

the rise of American country style

has been occupies an important position in American country style decorating, due to its lines, modelling is simple, and the overall practical, has long admired and sought after by the consumer. fair 1998, American country style formally in the multi-function design, layout and materials remain natural, simple style, hidden drawer added to receive the design space, make when using looks more clean and beautiful. Overall, the American furniture convey is a simple, carefree, organized, versatile design ideas, thus to a release of pressure on the family and liberation of the paradise of the soul. In addition, American furniture modelling, texture, and noble and exquisite carving tone as well as the most attractive place, according to the artistic conception further intriguing of fragrant.

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