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Decorate a style of the characteristics of the 'Mediterranean style'

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-25

( The preface] Mediterranean style because of its unique charm, gradually under the Mediterranean countries outside of the adhesive. So, where is the Mediterranean style unique charm? Let's explore it! Characteristics of

a: romantic arch space

arch and semi arch, horseshoe-shaped Windows and doors, these are the Mediterranean style of architecture. Is often used in the Mediterranean architectural style will be a number of circular arch and corridors connect or vertical exchange way, thus in the process of moving to watch, having the feeling like an extension of the perspective.

features two: the colour collocation of the pure

the Mediterranean style and pure colour collocation scheme, is the biggest charm of influence Chinese urban household.

the Mediterranean style of special colorful, such as: hope white villages under the blue sky, white sandy beaches and azure coast in Spain, southern Italy under the sunshine and golden sunflowers field, north Africa, unique natural landscape, such as desert of yellow, red brown intertwined with color, aroma hover blue purple lavender, southern France, etc. Because the Mediterranean sunshine, so all the color saturation is high, will be one of the most brilliant aspects of color. To sum up, the colour collocation of the Mediterranean main characteristic is: without proper affectation, unbleached natural outpouring.

the colour collocation of the Mediterranean style often use the following color scheme: combination of blue and white collocation; Yellow, green and blue purple combinations; Yellow and red, brown and tie-in combination.

features three: not the modified line

lines are important elements in the home design. Mediterranean coast of a building or french country furniture lines are not straight, generally appear more natural, therefore, whether it is french country furniture or building, virtually formed his unique round shape.

features four: having a unique style of decoration way

the Mediterranean style in the basic spatial morphology was determined, its adornment gimmick is also unique in their sacrifices.

the Mediterranean style furniture line is simple, and trimming usually round wooden french country furniture, the ground is often laid terra-cotta or tablets. Spell 1

Mosaic, Mosaic is more luxuriant adornment in the Mediterranean style. General use ceramic tile, small stones, glass, shellfish, glass beads, such as material, through cutting and then carried out in accordance with the designer's creative combination.

the Mediterranean style in indoor curtain, sofa cover, tablecloth, chimney, etc give priority to with low color and cotton goods. The small broken flower grid pattern is the main style of quietly elegant.

the Mediterranean style unique, wrought iron furniture, this is also the Mediterranean style aesthetic product. At the same time, the Mediterranean style comparison pay attention to afforest, small lovely small potted plants and vine plants is a common plant.

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