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Decorate a style of 'Korean rural style space characteristics'

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-14

( The preface] In the design of the Korean rural style pursuit of the natural regression of the heart, give a person a kind of the oncoming fragrance. Korean rural style is with Korean rural style; Things. Korean: refers to the style of the south Korean; Pastoral: refers to the field and garden, also refers to the rural, village.

Korean space design characteristics of rural style

the sitting room, the sitting room is the area of guests, concise and lively, be particular about is more lively than other space and shiny, will normally use a large number of stone and wood veneer for modification; Koreans prefer a massive sense of things, this generally reflected in the choice of archaize soft outfit furnishing articles on art, at the same time is also reflected in the love of all sorts of archaize floor tile and stone material and all kinds of imitation of the old process of pursuit. Overall, Korean rural style of the sitting room is spacious and rich history.

: kitchen in the eyes of South Korea, are generally more open, it depends on their diet cooking habits. At the same time, in the corner of the kitchen also need a convenient dining tables and functional kitchen equipment, such as oven and sinks below the residue of crusher etc. In addition, you also need to have enough space to accommodate double door refrigerator and enough operation table. In furnishings is exquisite, like Korean rural style is more use archaize the cabinet door and brick wall. In addition, usually configuration of the kitchen window curtains, etc.

bedroom: Korean style bedroom gives a person a kind of warm and romantic feeling, is also a master illicit close space, the focus of the main consideration is functional and practical, usually the bedroom will not set the dome light, often using sweet soft cloth art to decorate, and the pursuit of soft outfit and tonal above have to be very unified.

the study: the study of Korean style pay attention to simple and practical, but soft outfit is rich, like master once the life experiences of some displayed will be complete, such as color yellow navigation map, and be read to the edge of the ancient books, rural landscape painting, a quill pens, etc. Even a small ornament, these things are virtually a bonus to the study of Korean style.

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