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Decorate a style of 'Jane European style elements'

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-30

( The preface] Jane's style is decorated in the daily in more and more respected and loved by the people, so, Jane Europe style elements in decorate should pay attention to what? Next, we together to get to know a:

NO. 1. 【 】 Jane European style of furniture should be coordinated with the details of Europe type style of hard decorate, can choose red or white, with the west to restore ancient ways design, line and westernized modelling, solid wood table and eat desk and chair should have the curve of the fine structure and pattern.

2号。 【 The wallpaper 】 When decorating, can choose the more distinctive wallpaper decorating the room, for example a bible story and characters, painted wall paper is to compare the typical European style. In North America style, stripes and broken flower is also more common.

3号。 【 Lamps and lanterns 】

choose sparkling steeliness material lamps and lanterns is a big failure, because it has to do with Jane's style is fire and water is impossible, luxuriant and finely crystalline light also had better not to. And it is best to choose some exterior line downy or soft lighting light, resembling lamp of iron art branch is right choice, there is a little model, there is a little clumsy. 没有4。 【 Adornment picture 】 Jane European style of the room should choose line trival, looks quite heavy frame can match. At the same time also can be a bit colour, carve patterns or designs on woodwork even look relatively grand frame, on the contrary, this is precisely what Europe type style.

没有5。 【 The color 】 On the color, the impression of Jane's style is used mostly white, light is given priority to, french country furniture is white or brunet ok, but should become series, the style is unified coordination. At the same time, it's also important to the fabric and texture of cloth art, it is not well suited to the fabrics of flax and canvas, can appear more noble silk fabrics. 没有6。 【 The floor] If the house is double entry, stone material is used to laying on the ground floor hall is also a good plan, it will appear the atmosphere. If it is normal bedroom, sitting room and dining-room had better choose woodiness floor. If use wooden floor, and the part with floor tile, so the room looks more narrow. 没有7。 【 Carpet 】 Carpet in Jane European style decoration ACTS as a main role. The comfort of carpet and elegant unique character and western-style french country furniture on the tie-in bring out the best in each other, when choosing carpet, had better choose design and color is more quietly elegant of some advisable.

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