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Decorate a style of 'American country style elements'

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-01

( The preface] American country decorates a style will be cumbersome and costly slam the door, at the same time combines the excellent elements of other styles, with comfortable function as the guidance, to highlight the return to nature; To make this kind of style is more relaxed, comfortable. American country style highlighting people's comfortable and free life yearning, whether heavy thick furniture, or high in the years vicissitudes of life deserve to act the role of, are telling this to people. Especially on metope colour choice, nature, nostalgia, and sending out the rich earthy colors is a striking feature of American country style. American country style on color is given priority to with natural color, green and tan is more common; Metope wallpaper is mostly pure pulp texture; The color of french country furniture is copy more old paint color, style is heavy; Design more Mediterranean style arch.

around the origin of American country style is the eighteenth century pioneers lived in a house, so has the innovation development of the spirit of hard, integral colour and modelling implicative and conservative, with comfortable function as the direction, the modelling of both classical and modern lines, human body engineering and art deco french country furniture style, to give full expression to the simple nature of personality. Appearing in the classical American country style thick rural breath, to enjoy comfortable life as the highest criterion.

American country style from the design level should pay attention to the following elements:

( 1) Although there are many schools of American style furniture, but overall the sense that gives a person is thick and heavy, give a person the sense of natural and comfortable at the same time, which fully reflects the kind of simple country life.

( 2) One of very important element in the American style is cloth, cotton cloth art is the mainstream of American style, the natural feeling and rustic style perfectly the fusion of cloth art; The flowers and plants of all kinds of heavy and complicated, beautiful beautiful different region amorous feelings, and fresh fish and bird lines design is also very popular, all show casual and comfortable.

( 3) American country style commonly used in the space of a few small things are: small rocking chair, small broken flower cloth, wild flowers, potted plants, fruit, wrought iron products, wheat grass, disks, etc.

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