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Decorate a style of 'American country style collocation'

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-26

( The preface] American country style gives a person a kind of nostalgia, relaxed feeling, which integrates the various cultural elements. Usually show Chinese blue and white porcelain elements will be integrated into the among them. American style french country furniture and overlapping of blue and white, create a different living space. American style french country furniture is practical, for example could be longer or split into several small table in the dining tables. However, whether American style furniture or french country furniture of Europe type style, are attaches great importance to the decoration. Besides MaiShu, urn decoration and bellflower, and some show the pattern of the patriotism in the United States, for example an eagle pattern, etc. These designs often use the technique of inlaid, and decorated with the paint or the form of a bas-relief. American country style space feature

American country style mainly based on four architectural style, architectural style of the classical period, the Renaissance of classical architectural style, architectural style of the middle ages and modern architecture style. American country style without too much decoration, from the outside looks effect is concise and honest, the application of the structure of the new technology make whole space has room for a change. Another sense, therefore, from American country style is actually a hybrid style, it is not like European architectural style, is through long-term development and settling down, on the contrary, it perfectly combined with the same period of the architectural style of many kinds of mature, and influence each other. American country style with a special focus on architectural details, with classic feelings, appearance is concise and easy, to incorporate many kinds of amorous feelings at a suit.

the use of American country style color

1. With the help of the American flag colors design inspiration, spawned the colour collocation of the near village and proximity to product the original design scheme, coupled with the founder of the love of family life and the accumulation of life, thus by feeling and created near the country today.

2。 The color of the earth. Pop is the color of the earth is refers to the color of the earth, all faded white, yellow, black is build the best color scene elements, among them representative colors have honey color, rubber color and old white. Show the color of the earth to people is the scene when the autumn harvest. Can be divided into the following two kinds of feelings:

(1) the feeling of one embodiment is composed air: history, the joy of harvest and profound culture. So let us to taste, the hobby and life have deeper feeling.

2. Another embodiment is the feeling of fresh and simple but elegant, reflect is a kind of simple and practical approach to life.

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