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Customize the overall advantage

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-12
Mature, custom french country furniture is necessary in the family thing, for a whole wardrobe you know? small charged below introduce you to customize the whole wardrobe in environmental performance, economy, technology, design material, save a space and the after-sales service and so on six aspects of advantages.

( Locker room closet custom series)

handmade function of environmental protection furniture, wood used by the heavy use of urine aldehyde plastic, harmful substance formaldehyde content is higher, due to its main product structure is the glue and nail, when processing, also need a lot of glue, the glue used most of the formaldehyde to exceed bid, so the manual making furniture environmental performance is poor. And customize a whole wardrobe, USES is E1 class environmental protection plate, sheet parts and even reached the international standard of E0 grade, sealing side to plant glue is used as raw material of starch adhesive, ensure that the amount of formaldehyde release to a minimum, do green environmental protection, no harm to human body. Economy

handmade furniture quotation way casual, generally give detailed quantity list of the required materials and accessories, eventually lead to in the process of production will increase costs, causing the waste materials, and other components. Stores customized whole wardrobe, computational science, transparent prices, materials and accessories to the number of clear, and the price is moderate and high cost performance, can increase the budget to the flexible adjustment according to the product design and materials, in strict accordance with the budget to complete the customization. Whole wardrobe economic and practical, it is popular in the current, not only because it is very practical, but also because of the reasonable use a space, there are many advantages in economy. Its cost is to calculate the price according to the cabinet put oneself in another's position of material area, different internal configuration price is also different.

style and material

manual workers as most not studied also. the furniture professional design, and making out a product design is simple and single colour collocation, the function is not perfect, the lack of practicality and aesthetics as a whole. Customized whole wardrobe with sheet forming, grain clarity, colour and lustre and embellish, don't need to paint besmear to brush, in the late do not pollute the environment at the scene. Its internal structure design scientific, reasonable, can provide tie, buttons and other small objects receive, functional diversity. Its design including classical and European fashion style. Cabinet put oneself in another's position of the science of mechanical design, to ensure the stability of cabinet put oneself in another's position and durability.

handmade furniture production process, because each component is done by manual production, so the quality of the final product depends entirely on operating technical level of workers, and the working attitude, and many other subjective factors. 'More like Hollywood guest, card, Sophia, such as customized integral chest, is composed of precision cutting saw, automatic electronic cutting machine, automatic edge banding machine and other high-tech equipment more program through standardized production plant, advanced technology, stable quality.

save space overall wardrobe is not tight can fully use of effective space reasonably, can also according to your need to design changes, it can be any design according to the requirements of subscribers, or drawer, or more partition, and can also advance in any size pull basket, these advantages make it more integrity, randomness, and into the home, after forming the feeling of chest sunken into the wall, not only can cut into hang the garment inside the space, put a space, at the top of the space also can put bedding, or children to play with toys. Travel through the wardrobe sliding door is tonal choice, implementation and the whole bedroom decorate one integrated mass. If your bedroom is big enough, you can also use a enter type cloakroom, integral chest design set a style quite outside sliding door, a private space, thus making finished.

( Shenzhen whole wardrobe brand)

the perfect after-sales service and persistent manual also. the wardrobe with a variety of uncertain factors such as mobility, cause it is very difficult to provide long-term after-sales service products. Customized whole wardrobe enterprises belong to the marketization of brand management, product after-sales guaranteed, general ark body warranty for one year, hardware accessories warranty for 5 years, and provide life-long maintenance and service.

whole wardrobe market at present, with the integral ambry has emerged when the state is the same, the market demand and consumption level, the overall wardrobe has had the requirement of large-scale into the family. When decorating, to choose a suitable integral chest, also can let receive also become a kind of art.

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