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Custom wardrobe must know the valuation method

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-14
With the improvement of living standards and people's pursuit of healthy environmental protection as well as the aesthetic, traditional finished product furniture has failed to keep pace with the trend of The Times, once popular board type furniture, is also gradually fade out the line of sight of people. Solid wood french country furniture became the darling of the furniture market, to the pursuit of personality and make furniture is more adapt to the house of his own space, achieve the overall unity of man and french country furniture, space, custom furniture has become the first choice, however, a lot of people on the valuation methods of custom furniture is a fuzzy concept, it gives some undesirable businessman all over the sky price method, so small make up today as a whole wardrobe of first led us from the custom, let everybody understand the calculation method of custom wardrobe price, accomplish know fairly well, after all, money is the hard truth.

in custom wardrobe price category, in fact hides a lot of little secret! Small make up take you to understand these price, according to their own requirements, habits, to make the most affordable, suitable for their own good wardrobe.

denominated convenient projection area computation

projection area valuation is positive projection according to the chest area ( The chest of long & times; High) Calculation, the depth ( The width) Are typically calculated on the size of the standard 60 centimeters, internal structure tend to have fixed standard. The characteristics of the valuation method is very simple, avoids the complex and calculation, also reduced the chances of errors; But it will make consumers feel the price of fuzzy, uncertainty. And if the owner has individual needs, and more trouble, to adjust the other configuration, the price is not low. Consumers also need to pay special attention to when buy, clapboard everyone inside the wardrobe is contained, but there are a few manufacturers have limitations, exceeded the layer is to add the money, had better ask when buy. Inside the wardrobe is including smoking, pants rack, tie, etc. , and form a complete set of three slides.

error-prone developed area calculation

according to the developed area and structure of the wardrobe is to spin off completely, such as plate, hardware and related accessories all calculated separately, and finally together. In terms of the way to the door in advance measures, good design to determine the budget is determined, and then merchants to the factory. But will always meet design drawing, installation also increases some real plate, or the standard sheet to the mark, sales personnel according to the configuration again big budgetary estimate of a price, in this way, it's easy to have a final price higher than that in the total budget, before and after the price discrepancy is large; And split for every part. Calculation complexities, the chances of errors will be high, not to be able to average consumer easy to calculate, the same product, different sales staff calculated price differential bumps in yuan is very normal. Standard mixed linear meter

according to the factor valuation calculation, this approach was used for statistical description or irregular strip or the project of the linear measurement. The concept of such a very professional general consumers are difficult to understand. According to the linear meter unit price & times; Linear meter number + additional cost; Calculate the wardrobe price is the chest of a complete set of linear meter quotation; 。 The valuation industry has not unified standard; Especially in the corner, the valuation result differences. Largest in linear meter method lies in the difference of internal structure is difficult, unreasonable price calculation problem. Linear meter valuation at first glance appears to be cheaper, but in fact the configured door design is relatively simple, consumers tend to choose move the door, the price is higher. Ago, general linear meter valuation is used only for the calculation of ambry, now this way also has used in chest fission valuation. But this kind of pricing, mystery, fishy, consumers tend to pay extra money thought made cheap.

according to the calculation method of small make up to introduce above, we can see that every kind of valuation mode has a unique characteristic, custom furniture price calculation is a bit complicated, so before buying, you'd better know the other person's valuation way, accomplish know fairly well. In addition, custom wardrobe best to regular business institutions, on the premise of guarantee quality and service, so the price will be more reasonable and transparent.

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