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Custom wardrobe maintenance will see five points

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-11

'custom wardrobe'

in recent years, custom wardrobe for its tailored, save space, function clear, beautiful fashion, advocating personalized, receive powerful advantages in continuous popular household industry, by consumers, has entered innumberable families become trend. Now have custom wardrobe family is becoming more common, but the overall wardrobe maintain common sense but there was no widespread popularity, most consumers don't get into the habit of maintenance.

there is no absolute eternal, like the woman's face, often do not maintain, appearance, chest as well. Small make up, search for some life involves a whole wardrobe of maintenance, maintenance, such as common sense, hope to bring help to friends, make your chest stand age, withstand time ~ ~

custom wardrobe maintain must see five points

keep the wardrobe long-term clean

clean wash regularly, is the most basic steps wardrobe maintenance. When cleaning, just gently with half wet dishcloth is swabbed can. Use of avoid by all means is corrosive cleaning agent. For shelving, tie rod, such as metal objects, due to its metal properties, unfavorable use half wet cloth to wipe, lest cause the rust of deformation, just can wipe with dry cloth. For part of guide rail groove, dirt and dust using a vacuum cleaner, xiaomao brushing will get twice the result with half the effort.

ventilated breathe freely to avoid deformation of be affected with damp be affected with damp

chest after absorb the moisture of be affected with damp be affected with damp, not only for mold growth hotbed, moisture and once in the cavity of lumber, wood after absorbing water began to swell, the phenomenon such as chest will be out of shape, craze. Therefore, ventilated breathe freely stay dry on chest when maintenance is extremely important. In the bedroom air and wet weather, to open a window ventilated, regularly and in the ark corner a small lump lime or more environmental desiccant, such as charcoal, and avoid the chest be affected with damp be affected with damp raw bacteria and deformation.

avoid sun exposure causes craze

the sun's long-term exposure can cause chest design and color is white, plank will thus cracking deformation, so avoid outdoor sunshine long time exposure to wardrobe global or local. Chest placement is best to avoid the sunshine, with a transparent gauze curtain or direct sunlight. Do not affect indoor daylighting already so, gentle light still can add how much sweet and romantic emotional appeal for the bedroom, at the same time protecting the indoor wardrobe.

to wardrobe regularly add refueling

chest use time long, light rail door pulley sounding belongs to the normal situation, so in order to ensure the normal order of the roller skating lasting use, remember to add the lubricating oil to the roller skating on a regular basis.

please treat you gentle chest

every wardrobe has a standard bearing limits, beyond the bearing load of chest can lead to serious deformation of the wardrobe. Chest is not invulnerable to machine, suffered the impact of external forces, or gravity will be injured, so in daily use care to prevent it after being hit by a violent, try to gently push pull.

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