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Custom wardrobe advantages compared with the field also. the wardrobe

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-15
Custom wardrobe is a kind of popular trend, also called a whole wardrobe, both storage and decorative functions in one, many families began to recognize the whole wardrobe and give up the traditional woodworking also. the wardrobe, where is the fundamental difference between the two, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Now let's begin with the production process, use function, production cycle, sales price, after-sale service and other aspects of the objective analysis, to facilitate consumers make more informed decisions.

custom closet advantage:

professional designers door-to-door survey, design, fully adapted to live in space. On-demand design, independent components collocation, fully suitable for personalized needs. Liquor color, style, form a complete set of options, and household decorates coordinated. Factory production according to the drawing, the door assembly, quality assurance, environmental health. Can by selecting the closet door, and household environment integration, a remarkable grade household. Flexible segmentation space inside ark, increase or decrease in functional components, to satisfy his unique use of habits.

custom wardrobe advantages compared with field also. the chest

1. More advanced manufacturing custom chest

site also. the wardrobe, woodworking field measurements is made of wood board assembled after chest, chest surface and edge of the manual processing, the connection of the cabinet is given priority to with nails, punch often inaccurate, long nails easy to loose, in the eye. The key of the sealing side of the cabinet processing of manual sealing side, poor fit and fine degree can;

custom chest using standardized production, to grasp the accurate size, fully automatic machine sealing side to ensure the overall wardrobe fit and fine degree of high quality, greatly improving the use fixed number of year.

2。 Use function

site also. the better custom wardrobe wardrobe region partition is simple, function relatively single, just to meet simple storage function;

custom wardrobe use clapboard, according to the owner's lifestyle and how much clothing design style, fully embodies the custom wardrobe style diversification.

3。 Custom chest slightly longer production cycle

in order to ensure the chest and upper and lower wall completely, custom wardrobe in ground processing commonly measured again after, this will delay the arrival time; And do chest, woodworking by woodworking manual forging base, the ground handling or not does not affect the construction. Chest measurement, installation can be synchronized.

4。 Environmental protection index

carpenter's chest plate used in the price will not high, difficult to meet environmental standards, and paint process of late, must reduce environmental coefficient. And custom whole wardrobe mostly USES solid wood particleboard, even some brand using the plate ( Some have a certain strength of solid wood french country furniture brand enterprise to use pure real wood to custom production according to customer demand for the whole wardrobe, wardrobe, quality and environmental protection index is all can't be matched by plank french country furniture) 。 And produced by the factory, no need to paint, glue, does not need to be polished at the scene, so more environmentally friendly.

5。 Sales prices both were

chest valuation is relatively complex, the carpentry forge fee generally divided into the cabinet put oneself in another's position ( Sheet) , paint, hardware, labor, etc. ; After more than a lot of material is cabinet put oneself in another's position to do temporary shop near the community. Average consumer may think custom wardrobe price is high, but the actual current professional wardrobe manufacturer USES the group purchasing, cost reduction, and the price is more transparent. If the city group of group-buying activities, custom costs compared with carpentry do chest, chest and even lower.

6。 After-sales service customization chest more comprehensive

carpentry do chest its decorate a contract, the warranty is included in the decoration company is responsible for the, after-sale protection is very unstable; Most professional wardrobe production enterprises pay attention to their own brand image, equipped with special after-sale service agencies, can give timely solve problems. A whole wardrobe brand has been sticking to the sustainable environment custom chest line, in the form of contract commitments provide free on-site maintenance for life, be exempted from the worries of consumers, to ensure the brand reputation and loyalty.

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