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Custom the size and proportion of the chest

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-10
Custom wardrobe, also called a whole wardrobe, because of its reasonable use a space, functional segmentation, convenient and practical, in recent years, favored by more and more families. Someone think that since this is custom, can follow one's inclinations adjust the size of each functional area. However, the unreasonable design, leading to many families often display a find clothes took over around the chest; The dilemma.

wardrobe looks about the same, but how much is how to design the functional partition, the size of the gold, have greatly exquisite. General custom chest height of 2400 mm, 1800 mm long, divided into two units, 900 mm long, ark deeply 600 mm. Blindly expand or narrow individual area, not only bring inconvenience to use, after placed inside the clothes, also can bring stability to concerns. So, the size of the chest of gold; What?

chest of gold standard size; Should be as follows:

1, bedding area: height - 400 500mm;

2, coat area: height - 1000 1200mm;

3, drawer, width is 400 - 800mm;

4, treasure: single layer height - 80 100mm;

5, stacked area: height - 350 mm 500mm;

6, long dress area: height - 1400 1700毫米;

7, play crural line: 80 - 100mm;

8, trousers rack: height - 80 100mm;

bedding area, high 400 & ndash; 500 mm and 900 mm wide

due to the goods is not convenient, usually place the upper chest for quilts are not commonly used article, also conducive to moistureproof. Best put the quilt in the locker, not only dust also convenient to take, according to the thickness of the quilts are usually, bedding area average height is 400 & ndash; 500mm。

top area, high 1000 & ndash; 1200 mm, not less than 900 mm

top area used to hang a suit, shirt, jacket etc. Easy wrinkling of the coat. Hang the garment not less than 60 mm between rod and the ark, otherwise not convenient take put hangers. Clothes rail between floor should not less than 900 mm, or clothes will drag on the floor. In addition, the clothes rail distance to the ground not more than 1800 mm, otherwise is not convenient to take.

drawer, width 400 & ndash; 800 mm and 190 mm high

general design 3, 4 drawer at the bottom of the top area, mainly used for underwear. According to the height of the roll up underwear to calculate, the height of the drawer is not less than 190 mm, otherwise when closed the drawer easy to grip the clothing. The height of 200 mm, is enough to put in.

trousers rack, high 800 & ndash; 1000 mm

trousers rack is dedicated to hang the pants, not easy to fold. Hang lever may not be less than 600 mm in the distance to the floor, or pants will drag on the floor. Suggest finished metal trousers rack of choose and buy, can hang trousers; And eight factories making trousers rack can only suspension & ndash; Article 10 the pants. Also can install a clothes rail, with hangers hanging trousers, more save a space.

long area, high 1400 & ndash; Not less than 1300 mm 1500 mm,

long area is mainly used for hanging dust coat, down jacket, coat, dress, dress long clothes, etc. According to own a number of long clothes to design the width of the long dress, generally speaking, a 450 mm wide is enough for a person to use, if the population is more, can widen appropriately.

stacked area, high 350 & ndash; 400 mm

stacked area used for stacked sweaters, t-shirts, casual pants and other clothing. The best arrangement in the area between the waist to the eyes, so take easy, also can reduce the dust. If there are old people and children at home, can be stacked area appropriately enlarged. General with clothes after folding width, chest width should be 330 & ndash; Between 400 mm. Best design for can regulate the activity of layer board, convenient according to demand change, such as children grow up can install hang garment lever, stacked area to coat area.

in addition, remind owner, in order to moistureproof, heat insulation, at the bottom of the wardrobe to set the line that play a base, high within 70 mm is enough, too much waste of space. Some families because of the space limited, chest depth is less than 500 mm, flat design for clothes hung is required at this time, or cupboard door will clamp sleeve. Also can use a pull garment lever, convenient take clothes.

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