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Custom furniture and material issue note valuation

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-15
The furniture on the market at present due to the limitation of the style, size and not easily integrated into the overall household decorates a style, has been getting more and more difficult to meet the needs of the modern household space. And overall custom furniture custom-made way, to solve these contradictions, at the same time, more can reasonable use a space, as well as provides a convenient maintenance and adjustment in the future. At present, more and more kinds of custom furniture, custom wardrobe, custom cabinets, custom cabinets, custom sofa and other products, can the be fond of according to the consumer, whole bedroom space size and home decoration style to tailor, some manufacturer has even launched from furniture to act the role ofing is tasted collocation of whole custom service, meet the personalized requirements of people to be resided to the space.

because of the custom services, the pursuit of personal life, you can find a factory directly or life habit, according to his be fond of customized furniture. But it is a problem that nots allow to ignore, custom products can meet people's diversified household demand, but also because many aspects is not standard, once appear problem, often cannot get safeguard the rights and interests of consumers. Accordingly, when consumer is choosing custom furniture, can not blindly pursue individuality and ignore to household products quality, standard, etc. At present, the custom furniture specification there is no standard, in terms of material, environmental protection, price or give priority to with producer and consumer of agreement. Due to information asymmetry, once consumers do not pay attention to, is likely to fall into the custom furniture myth, that pay more. First household custom products to meet the needs of the family member's daily life daily life. When choosing custom furniture, should according to the number of family members and to determine the size and type of product. If household space area is finite, but slightly more population, custom furniture should give priority to in order to save space, when choosing a wardrobe, cabinets and other products should be as simple as possible on modelling, volume is relatively small. From saving money point of view, if the manufacturer is the credibility of word of mouth is very good, so the custom french country furniture is very cost-effective. If all the furniture customization, looking for a reliable manufacturer, selected a more environmental protection advocate the implementation of the overall custom, because of the high material utilization, do down than to buy the same material of the finished product furniture save one thousand yuan of above, many consumer chose custom products quest to save money. Looks cheap custom furniture to must be careful, maybe you couldn't see anything wrong with on the surface, use after a period of time can realize a price points a points goods; Of reason. Accordingly, when consumer is choosing custom furniture, should make the budget according to own actual need to shop around, don't covet is cheap because it bought inferior products. Pricing mode Tibetan issue. We have learned, custom furniture pricing mode is commonly: the actual usage of materials & times; Unit price + main parts cost = total price. The author understands, when sales staff in the quotation, often only tell consumers use material price per square meter, and the wardrobe, install the racks of metal fasteners, orbit, hinges, etc are all additional fees. Install the sliding door, door and the price of the push-pull orbit. If consumers don't ask, don't know, only according to the material use to calculate the price, well after the wardrobe will be over budget.

material dosage of different algorithms. Custom furniture is the main cost is the price of the material. Also to customize a whole wardrobe, for example, many people think that use the amount of material is prepared after the area, if the whole wardrobe is a total of 3 square metre, thought directly multiplied by the material unit price is the price of the material, but neglected the shelf, put aside frame using the area of the material. General custom products especially in the use of custom furniture material to calculate developed area, rather than the whole area. Product quality is difficult to determine. Custom furniture products are raw materials to the sample ( The french country furniture wood species) To distinguish between prices and specifications of the sliding door, same material different price from 4000 yuan to 10000 yuan, for the average consumer, it is difficult to distinguish the difference of each material. If the manufacturer is shoddy, cut corners in the production process, consumer is hard to find.

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