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Custom Europe type furniture program is introduced

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-13
A: European furniture details are determined, can install processing in furniture factory. There will be a professional demolition material member to various European furniture and dismantling of the board, and then saw control workers to cutting and cutting board, after machine sealing side, stiletto assembly hardware, including fittings, shake handshandle, hinge, gas, slides, etc. Delivery to the site according to the appointment of time, by the installer to debug assembly at the scene, make sure no problem, the whole of Europe type furniture is completed. 2: custom Europe type furniture is going to see more of in furniture market, choose a favorite brand understanding after rough materials, price allows designers to measure on site. The designer will communicate with the owner of Europe type furniture size and design details, such as clear owners demand for european-style furniture, and then to carry on the design drawings. Owner and designer of Europe type furniture material color, function space division, accessories are roughly again after the approval according to the design for the budget. When the budget is acceptable to the details of the design, if the budget is not satisfied can be adjusted in the design. Three: European furniture hardware is very important, it can affect the comfort and life of Europe type furniture use. Can have hardware show in store, you can on the display of Europe type furniture. Open such as hinge, slide rail smooth degree, etc. Best look at the quality of the hardware alone, custom if there are different brands of hardware optional, to compare the price to choose to suit their own hardware. 4: choose custom european-style furniture should pay attention to the choice of materials, the cabinet put oneself in another's position of Europe type furniture board, should understand the back, the door plank material, should pay attention to the characteristics of the material, thickness and the thickness of the sealing side and quality, etc. Material of cabinet put oneself in another's board has a lot of, when the choice must pay attention to it in the environmental protection, moisture resistance, compressive ability, etc. Custom can open display in the shop before Europe type furniture to check quality and taste. European furniture design will communicate with the designer, and his own personalized demand is reasonable, such as the size of the drawer is in the reasonable scope, can too long and durable and so on, these details to communicate. Europe type furniture ordering now market competition is fierce, and some businesses will use low prices to attract consumers, reduce the cost would be on European furniture plate and hardware, the small make up remind people of Europe type furniture when the choice must look to understand, don't just compare the prices.
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