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Cultivate a outdoor escape stair store content ark

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-07

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always feel inadequate space of the house, you make full use of the space below stair? The stairs as part of the home, not just as a medium between floor and floor, or receive, recreational area, etc. Receive is every family will encounter, but want to receive this a thing well done is not an easy thing. Potential stair lower part is too big, nothing more than a bedroom, really made

under stairs cupboard decorate rendering a

under stairs cupboard decorate rendering two

in most families, usually will stair lower part space as storage room. As shown: add a door, put on a few store content box, used to collect some unusual things. Can also according to the height of the stairs, cabinets, production sizes can meet the needs of different families.

under stairs cupboard decorate rendering three

for the small family, you may need to have a separate workshop, as shown in figure, the stairs one side cabinet, for hobby to receive friends, might as well use up the space, already beautiful practical, can reduce the pressure to receive;

edit summary: well, that's the stairs cupboard decorate rendering small jump a layer and store content ark is kill two birds with one stone related knowledge introduction, hope to be able to help to have the needs of friends! If you want to know more information, please continue to pay attention to us, the follow-up will present more wonderful content.

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