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Continental Europe type furniture: furniture style characteristic is introduced

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-19
Today's Europe type furniture & # 8203; Small make up to explain, european-style furniture style and characteristics of the introduction, hope can be some help to those who love Europe type furniture friend, said okay, please donate please look at the body! European furniture & # 8203; French - — — Finely crafted romantic French luxury is a collection of romantic and luxurious, grade and comfortable country, whereas French furniture also still have old French court classical heritage. Delicate and paint decorative pattern design, combined with the classical crack white primer, completely abandoned the traditional European furniture serious oppressive feeling, create others envy of the French aristocracy luxury, romantic atmosphere of life. French classical furniture material basically is cherry wood, in any other region, is popular beech or oak, French classical and modern furniture has always insisted on using this material. At present, from the French rococo style just like China's bright type furniture, with fluent line and is famous for its beautiful modelling, not only in the history of the French classical furniture occupies an important position, is also one of the most admired by modern style. European furniture & # 8203; American - — — Style is concise and practical household style derived from European culture in the United States, but in some detail and European furniture processing, it abandoned the baroque and rococo style's pursuit of novel and flashy, emphasize concise, clear lines and elegant, decent decoration. American furniture paint with a single color is given priority to, and most of Europe type furniture with gold or other colour decoration. But practical is another important characteristics of American furniture, such as there is specially used for sewing table, could be longer, or split into several small table dining tables. Because the style is relatively simple, it becomes very important details. This year a lot of American furniture USES the walnut and maple, in order to highlight the characteristics of the wood itself, its cover adopt complex wafer processing, make the texture itself become a kind of adornment, can produce different under different angles, the American furniture than shining golden light of Italian furniture is more able to bear or endure look. The above text content from each big BBS interior design, through sorting out, hope for your help, deficiency, still hope you correct. European furniture & # 8203; Italy - — — The Renaissance Italian classic adornment is famous for its expensive into life, because the country is obsessed with handmade. Italian furniture design has unparalleled cultural concept, art sculptures in the streets, the smell of the Renaissance in various industries. Italian furniture every detail of all emphasize the honor. Colorful, well-designed, carefully selected materials, process carefully polished, and the honourable also is cannot be copied. Italy are able to become a great nation of design, not only because they value creativity, more important is the creativity and design is part of their lives. Italian furniture assemble thousands of years of cultural history, the traditional craft and modern advanced technology into an organic whole, its most remarkable characteristic is clever apply the golden, make the furniture presents the beauty of a proper proportion. Well the above is the Europe type furniture & # 8203; Small make up for everybody introduction, about the interpretation of European furniture style, hope can set you some help for those who love the European furniture friend
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