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Common solid wood furniture wood resolution skills

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-07

( Preface] Today we talk about common oakwood furniturewood resolution, this topic should be a lot of people will be interested in. Wood variety of furniture on the market, consumer is when the choose and buy, be confused on the various common wood. Then, the author collected the common way to distinguish several kinds of wood, to learn together:

NO1. Ju wood distinguish

carry straight ju wood texture, wood grain detail, uniform, usually a cascading shape variation. Although ju wood is one of the common wood, in the Ming and qing furniture, has a very high artistic value and historical value.

NO2。 Resolution of walnut

walnut color from light brown to dark brown are common, occasionally encounter purple and dark stripes. Walnut wood is in the shape of straight line generally have wavy or curly texture, is naturally formed a feast for the eyes of decorative pattern.

3号。 Mahogany distinguish

mahogany wood usually crisscross corrugated shape, diameter strip pattern in cross section, spin tends to bring pitting on the aspect of the wave pattern.

4号。 Oak distinguish

oak quality of a material is solid, have distinct yamagata wood grain; Oak furniture products structure is more strong, sturdy and durable; Oak wood grain appearance grade is higher, the density is higher, not bibulous, corrosion resistance, strength.

排名第五。 Cherry wood distinguish

cherry wood core material from deep red to reddish brown, texture is straight and abound change. Cherry mywood fine grain structure, often used for parquet floor, Musical Instruments, such as pieces of french country furniture and cabinets, senior joinery, can play a variety of shapes.

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