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Common example mortise and tenon joint structure in the solid wood furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-04
Believe that a lot of dedicated friends of solid wood french country furniture, all know that there is a kind of traditional furniture structure, that is the mortise and tenon joint structure, today small make up will lead you to meet the human's civilization is a wonderful artical excelling nature of mortise and tenon joint structure. Mortise and tenon joint structure, is China's ancient architecture is mainly made of wood, brick and tile building materials, the structure of the timber frame structure as the main way, way of structure, the column, beam, purlin main components such as built, each component to dovetail mortise and tenon joint between nodes, a flexible framework. Mortise and tenon joint is a very clever invention, this kind of component connection, makes the Chinese traditional wooden shelf beyond the contemporary architecture, framework, or special flexible structure frame, not only can bear larger load, and generate a certain amount of deformation is allowed, under the seismic load by deformation to absorb seismic energy, reduce the earthquake response of the structure.

now the rapid development of industrialization and the progress of computer technology, will not be able to replace the traditional process. Instead, these common joggle in the arts and crafts, folk, in front of the industrialization of french country furniture remained follow one's inclinations of the ego state. His thoughts of flexibility and creativity of hands is incomparable machine products. In front of the folk art, the machine is auxiliary, is liberated parts manual manipulation, creative still had the best retention.

below small make up for everyone to sort out some of the commonly used several kinds of mortise and tenon joint structure in furniture pictures, in the form of more intuitive, convenient for people's cognitive:

in the process of actual production in the workshop in the factory, there is more to the use of a variety of solid wood mortise and tenon joint structure method, in this no longer list, welcome to experience the real wood furniture tenon and mortise work charm!

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