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Common carpet maintains myth summarize your scam?

by:HOOLNN     2021-01-31

to household soft outfit to decorate, the carpet is a good helper. With the improvement of life taste, many people take when household is decorated in the sitting room or bedroom place such as laying carpet, the effect is very good, but the carpet needs cleaning and maintenance, the more troublesome, will inadvertently into the carpet maintains myth, french country furniture below small make up take you to understand what are common under the carpet maintenance error:

carpet maintenance error:

1, often clean

a lot of people think carpet maintenance is often clean wash, so as to ensure the cleanness of carpet, don't worry about the problem such as bacteria, to use more at ease, often 'actually affect the softness of carpet, color, luster, so, in order to keep the carpet clean, do not need to often wash.

small make up action:

now the carpet of pure wool carpet, etc. , are not suitable for 'frequently, can cause damage to the various aspects of carpet, a thorough cleaning on a regular basis and daily cleaning is the most correct way maintains carpet.

2, sunlight sterilization

people often put the quilt sunlight irradiation sterilization, thought also applies to the carpet maintenance, so you're often put washed the carpet in the sun light, but long time of sunlight can make carpet loses the original soft and colour and lustre degree, is not a good way to maintain carpet.

small make up action:

if you want to bask sterilization, carpet in the sun drying time to 1 2 hours advisable, it is best to carpet is placed on the vents air-dry, to minimize the harm of carpet, the carpet is clean and soft and comfortable to use, also more durable.

3, powerful bleaching water clean

use carpet inevitable is dirty, stained with stains with stubborn stains when some people will choose to use powerful bleaching carpet cleaning water. Powerful bleaching water certainly can thoroughly clean the carpet stains left over, but the carpet after contact with powerful bleaching water may produce chemical besmirch or appear fade, more serious is that may lead to corrosion and wear of the carpet. Therefore, even in the case of forced to clean the carpet with powerful bleaching water stains is diluted with water reuse as much as possible.

small make up action:

in daily use should pay attention to avoid carpet with difficult clean liquid, such as soy sauce, wine and paint, things like that. If really, had better choose some clean small cleaning techniques, really no need to use a strong bleach water to clean carpet stains, also diluted with water reuse as much as possible, so as not to cause damage to the carpet.

4, mistakenly assume that carpet wool

carpet or using the clean, many people will find that the carpet surface with a thin layer of & other; Floating hair & throughout; , or carpet wool length is differ, and thought is wool carpet. Actually produce & other; Floating hair & throughout; Is often short fibers wool carpet, the carpet wool length different phenomenon, is common.

small make up action:

thin & other; Floating hair & throughout; Generally don't have to ignore. For the different length of wool carpet as long as the hair to the same direction with the hand wipe down. Don't think is dropping and blindly replace the carpet.

5, carpet cleaning, regardless of type

a lot of people to the material of carpet there is no difference between consciousness and cleaning of the time in accordance with the unified knows method processing, not to discriminate against the material of carpet.

small make up action:

a pure wool carpet, chemical fiber, blended, cotton and other materials, pure wool carpet cleaning more troublesome, need to use dry cleaning methods, the chemical fiber carpet is relatively simple, wet cleaning.

carpet, decorate in household in more effect is good, but clean is more troublesome, especially for those who know not deep more easily into the carpet carpet maintenance error, above is common pitfalls in household carpet maintenance, hope everyone to see but don't do it again.

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