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Combination type furniture with human ergonomics

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-11

(ergonomics Also known as human body engineering, nearly said because of engineering) 。 It is a horizontal cross strong discipline, is to understand the limits of human performance capacity and its factors, make the design of products to adapt to the human anatomy, human physiological and psychological characteristics of science. It advocates a focal point of the design on one side, and should not be on the side of things.

in combination type of french country furniture, how to make it to meet the use of human physiological and psychological needs, to create a comfortable and reasonable residential environment, it must be from the people and things, the content and content of the inner link between the research design.

( A) The relationship between human and objects

the relationship between human and object refers to the internal relations between people and combination kind of french country furniture. Due to the combined class french country furniture with the ultimate aim is to bring people a comfortable living conditions, thus, if leave the furniture of combination of ergonomics and to talk about what will lose its significance. We are thinking about, for example, wardrobe, hang the garment bar height, the height of the rods should not only consider the hang the garment can be shorter women take to hide, and should consider to hang the garment bar where the wardrobe inner space if you can hang the man under the high clothes, etc. To handle such as combination of furniture handle, first of all should satisfy people touch use requirement, namely, give a person the sense with comfortable and convenient. Second, and take into account its high or low position, or relationship.

there will be television ark high semen, often sitting on the sofa or chair to watch, its height should be the one to sit on sofa and chair it is advisable to low level 3 degrees, namely people sit not lift his head to watch TV, but slightly lower to watch TV, can eliminate or reduce the degree of fatigue. Of course, when we consider the portfolio bookcase, ark, should not only consider the storage function, should also consider the adornment effect of it.

( 2) The relationship between content and content

content and content refers to the relationship between the collection items and objects, the relationship between the storage content and stored content. Usually, when put objects, should be based on people's using frequency, size, weight of the object for the appropriate classification. Objects, different situations should be put in different places and should not be confused; The heavier and not commonly used objects, the following should be put in the ark, standing to reach place should put some of the most commonly used items; Lighter, but the volume and larger items, should be placed on the top of the frame.

1。 Eating utensils

to commonly used vessel size should know something about your diet. Put the cutlery drawer, internal with best interval, in order to avoid messy take take inconvenience. In order to make all kinds of cup, dish up systematic, it can be neatly on the shelf, or purposefully adopt the method of hanging. Also can install all kinds of boxes, cans, small scattered objects into an organic whole. Smoked pull form or plate, and then things hanging on it, and so on.

2。 Clothing, bedding

there are many kinds of clothing, variety specification and not the same, but on the way in the deposit can be divided into hang, fold two, can be divided into the vertical and horizontal hanging in the form of two kinds, the depth of the vertical hanging method in combination with furniture reached more than 550 mm, satisfy the wardrobe is not affected by tilt when hanging; The depth of the lateral hanging law is combined class furniture under less than 500 mm. Overlay deposit form is put some shirt, pants, etc. , it can be directly on the case board, or in the drawer. If, a trousers need to hang put outside, also can hang trousers rack to meet the use function. Bedding often is light and large objects, to make it store must have a certain space, generally it is combination classes on the top of the furniture, of course, according to their own needs, can also be placed on the bed, etc.

3。 Books, posters, magazine

with the increasing of people's cultural quality enhancement, more and more people are reading books and newspapers, a variety of newspapers and magazines, books, a large number of published, specifications and sizes.

how these different types of books, posters, magazines being coherent, in addition to human factors, the relationship between the content and the content should be carefully considered. If can need according to oneself, to classify books, posters, magazine, commonly used books where the most easy to get, not commonly used books and newspapers can be temporarily kept where it is not commonly used; For those who are large and thin, posters, magazines, several big set put; On the depth of the larger shelf, can be separated into 2 to make full use of them.

4。 Other

the relationship between the other content and content, also can have a variety of forms of processing. If a mirror is put inside the chest wall, easy to dress up. And deposit in the drawers of the small items, as the space needle, cloth button, decorations, the separated blocks can also be designed in activity form.

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