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Combination of classical and modern French furniture display type of Paris fashion

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-30
Is that the French romance is just, in fact, French furniture is not exceptional also, some French furniture is classic with contemporary perfect combination, sending out the charm and elegance. Although France's classic furniture, but will join on colour, design the modern's aesthetic and preferences. The classical and modern fusion, you can also be customized according to demand of French style, from the color and size, can be customized according to the demand of French furniture. Can try with the old and the home collection, make whole room layout look chic and elegant, exquisite fine gold plated, retro feeling, full of romantic French temperament. Adornment picture and the metope of the old photos, old tall sofa, nostalgic traces of ark of wooden bucket, QingJian ivory white, visible rough and damaged, that is closer to nature, also express a kind of relaxed attitude towards life. Creative arts and crafts, in addition to the style, also need to meet the demand of custom in furniture production and retention of hand-carved, unique in the furniture production process has been sticking to heritage crafts. Through the, hand-painted decorative use of color, unique style of fabrics to reshape the past, bring a kind of 'high fashion' the temptation like colour. Also through creative from art, high fashion, and the trend of The Times, further to break the boundaries of inspiration. In China, also need to add some Chinese elements.
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