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Chinese style decorates the six place don't move

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-13

family Chinese style decorates can't move six places you know? Move your home also destroyed! This is very important to decorate knowledge! Take a look! Hope you can remember these taboos, decorate trust science will make oneself when decorate, hurry with small make up together to study under.

1, the main wall

what kind of wall is main wall? Decorate in the family in, generally brickconcrete building, all precast slab wall shall not dismantle or open window; More than 24 cm brick wall also belong to main wall. In addition, some people on the main wall open window, that will also destroy the wall of the bearing, it is not allowed to affect the safety of the overall home design.

2. The wall of the steel bar

if compared the building structure to adult body, wall of steel bar is the people's physique. If you will be reinforced when buried pipeline damage, can affect the strength of the wall and floor. If there are any earthquake, the wall and floor is easy to collapse or fracture.

3, the room of beam-column

these beams are used to support the upper floor, upper floor will drop down after tear down, so don't move.

4, balcony parapets

between average room and balcony wall, there is a door a window, the door can tear open change, but the window of the wall of the following can't move. This section of the wall weight wall; It like a weight to play the role of a stir up the balcony, the wall, it can reduce the bearing force of the balcony, leading to the balcony fall.

5, three; Or five; The door

these door frame is embedded in the concrete, if tear open change, will destroy the building structure, reduce the safety factor. And destroyed the building structure, is much more difficult to install the new door again.

6, toilet

these places on the ground of toilet and kitchen are waterproof, if damaged, will become a waterfall cave downstairs. Therefore, when change the ground material, must be careful not to damage the waterproof layer. If the damage after reconstructed, must do 24 hours of water seepage experiment; , namely the water in the kitchen or bathroom, if no leakage after 24 hours is qualified.

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