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Central booster furniture international technology cooperation

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-21
Music from the furniture association reached consensus on the cooperation with German eu-china economic technology center on November 21, Germany eu-china economic technology center expert line visit from furniture association, the two sides reached important consensus, the future will promote the economic and technical center and the music from the furniture industry in the further cooperation, improve the music from the furniture industry's international competitiveness. Communication meeting, the German experts with the economic and technical center is in the furniture industry development present situation, the enterprise management and technical training communicate with music from the furniture association enterprise representatives, both sides reached important consensus of cooperation: by eu-china economic technology center to analysis and study of furniture industry, promote the comprehensive economic and technical center and association cooperation, use of the resources of eu-china economic technology center for the member enterprises do upgrade demonstration samples, promote substantial technical cooperation, enhance the international competitiveness of music from the furniture industry. Music from the relevant person in charge of furniture association, said the new town, lecong development entered the new stage, industry promotion showed the huge demand, and butt joint and cooperation in all aspects of the central technology into the deepwater area ', furniture industry should seize the opportunity, more to ride, realize the industrial transformation and upgrading.
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