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Ceiling cracks to do, this a few action!

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-11

ceiling cracks this things, small make up that is not a phenomenon, it is difficult to meet a lot of owner a see ceiling cracks on the head, a panic, calm! Focus small make up to the ceiling cracks today how to repair!


if the paint surface appear cracking phenomenon, its state is linear, polygonal or no rules of the crack, so the question is not very serious, the reasons for this phenomenon may be because the besmear brushs the paint is too thick, it is possible that the basal do too coarse, the primers and paint don't match. In this case, we should remove paint film, and then apply a new primer, it is important to ensure that primer is completely dry after besmear again, and the temperature under the condition of less than 5 degrees Celsius is not recommended for paint.


in addition, ceiling cracks and might be due to temperature changes, this will only affect the surface of the beautiful, don't usually involves safety, don't worry about the ceiling fall down or something. This should be how to remedy? Recommend at the top with a layer of joint paper, joint paper with white latex coating paste, paint is brushed again after batch on the putty, if that piece of the gap is too big, then the cracks with plaster fill and level up, again with joint paper coated with white latex stick again, and then group of be bored with child brush paint on.


there is a situation that is related to the construction, because construction undeserved cause of cracking, so if you encounter this kind of situation, will first check the ceiling keel, take a look at whether the quality problem of the grass-roots, and then check the appearance of the problem. If this kind of situation, condole top serious deformation or damage, could be removed first, and then after the flat keel on to the next step! Average household finish emulsioni paint suggest don't open the window, because the emulsioni paint by humidity, temperature, the influence of indoor and outdoor temperature instability is easy to cause crack emulsioni paint. Decorate condole top, of course, be sure to nip in the bud, rather than happened to remedy, shall be at the time of construction materials will be cautious.

1, the condole top skeleton material selection choose

light steel keel skeleton material strictly according to the design requirements and national standards for light steel, selection of lumber to do keel when pay attention to the moisture content is not overweight, keel specifications should be strict screening, shoulds not be too small.

2, condole top veneer gypsum board choose

plasterboard is currently on the market have a normal, waterproof, fire prevention, high strength, such as when condole carries on the design, can be used according to different requirements, choose different areas and the construction season. Now decoration market plasterboard of face of the good quality you flour mixed, use make should choose a better quality of large manufacturers of gypsum board, high strength, good toughness and foam evenly, molding of edge, solve the problem of crack from the material.

in addition gypsum board on the market generally have 9 mm thick and 12 mm thick two varieties. A lot of people like to use 9 mm thick regular gypsum board to do condole top, but due to 9 mm thick regular gypsum board is thin, the intensity is not high, in the rainy and wet conditions are prone to deformation, suggested that had better choose more than 12 mm gypsum board. At the same time, use thicker plate is also an effective means to prevent joint cracking.

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