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Buy sofa should not only care about formaldehyde also be aware of flame retardants

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-29
Many upscale furniture store is one of the fire as a selling point, saying that 'our sofa even catch fire, burn for a while will extinguish'. The so-called fire sofa is much by flame retardant soaking. Duke university study found that the sofa can lead to increased risk of thyroid cancer by more than seventy percent. The researchers collected from across the United States between 1985 and 2010 the sofa of procurement, in these samples, 85% flame retardant containing harmful to human health. Duke Nicholas environment institute researcher heather staples, says Dr Clayton, the use of flame retardants are closely associated with thyroid cancer cases surge. The researchers analyzed the dust pollution in the home in patients with thyroid cancer, and the blood tests. Patients with the results found that volunteers are a lot of exposure to contain high levels of flame retardants polybrominated diphenyl ether environment, these patients also detect another kind of flame retardant - — Cross-linked ethyl phosphate. The two chemicals will increase the risk of cancer. The study also found that many of the sofa, cushion foam filler containing flame retardants, can cause cancer, endocrine disorders, low fertility rate, etc. , can also affect the infant brain development, lower the IQ and cause hyperactivity. Staples, says Dr Clayton, furniture of flame retardants will be released into the family, in the air enters the body through an object, such as food, lead to cancer. In addition to the sofa, wallpaper, carpets, mattresses have containing flame retardants. Researchers have warned that in the future to buy furniture, in addition to attention to formaldehyde, still have to ask do not contain flame retardants.
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