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Build sweet warm meaning of four methods for the bathroom

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-06
Designers provide some tips that we shape a chic and easy to do the bathroom.

1。 Cabinet

bathroom now also can put such as exquisite wood cabinet inside the kitchen, and a wide variety, by the oak, cherry wood to maple and rafter wood, the idyllic, modern to the Victorian, all have.

at the end of the cabinet if use a light coat, can become the narrow bathroom be suddenly enlightened; If dyed dark, the bathroom will become elegant and meticulous. And if the bathroom space is limited, it had better choose the different wood cabinet, more can save place.


bathroom floor on the hardwood floor is particularly common, as well as to a person the sense of warm, elegant, and easy to maintain, and invented at the end of the super coat now, more do not need to worry about the floor will be residual water damage.

3。 Between the plate and the moulding

ceramic tile on the shop all over the bathroom walls shall not be obliged to and wallpaper, waterproof between wooden board can bring the result that expect is less than for the bathroom. Bathroom use wooden paneling and other decorative lines, can cooperate with other bedroom style.


carefully selected wooden furniture can make simple bathroom is concise and elegant. As long as you put in the bathroom a peach wooden quilts hanging frame, used to hang towel. 。 。 Or put a have stripes back to handle maple wooden chair, placed clothes for you in the bath. 。 。 Or a peach wooden round small cabinet, with will put towels and wipes, these unique hardwood french country furniture, can bring sweet feeling, for the bathroom and other rooms are very harmonious.

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