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Became moldy closet?

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-07

1。 Want to mildew place cleaned up first, usually can use dry towel to wipe, with dry brush, or will be mouldy place clean. If cleaning is not clean, can use wet cloth to wipe.

2。 If found to have mould, in addition to mold a cloth wipe up, we also need to brush on the varnish again, so that it can effectively prevent mildew again

3. Air humidity easy to mold, then we can put some lime in the home, not only can prevent moisture, and the effect of disinfection.

if the wardrobe of moisture is overweight, it can be put in the wardrobe tungsten filament bulbs, in wet when open, can effectively reduce the wardrobe in the water, let the closet to keep dry.

4。 Mold after the mold into our french country furniture, can cause some breathing diseases, in order to prevent this kind of situation, can put some desiccant in the chest, can suck wardrobe of excess moisture, make chest more dry.

at the same time, in the chest, we can put some orange peels, also can have clear taste the effect of environmental protection, at the same time pay attention to often open a window ventilated breathe freely, indoors as far as possible don't use a humidifier, prevent moisture is overweight, affect the use of the wardrobe. In our usual after use wet mop to, also must pay attention to the window, let dry moisture effectively.

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