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Baking soda can also clean the mattress?

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-15
The bed is a piece of furniture is very important in our family, we have a third of the time every day lying in the above, the mattress is one of the most important part of the bed. But do you know? Haven't cleaned the mattress, a 3 years above at least more than 1 billion the number of bacteria. A lot of people after the buy back mattress, however, has never been seriously care, some friends did not even removed the outermost plastic packaging, also known as protection mattress fabrics. The maintenance mode is very undesirable. Exactly how to maintenance and use the mattress are correct? Method one: with a vacuum cleaner, cleaning the surface of the mattress as a result of the mattress material problem, the mattress and the dust, not with liquid detergent or chemical cleaning items to clean up, and the need to use a vacuum cleaner to clean up. Use vacuum cleaner first, clean up the dirt on the surface of the mattress. Note: to cling to the surface of the mattress clean; Meet the location of the concave down to pay more attention to; A lot of dirty things will adsorption in it. Each time you change the sheets once can absorb. Method 2: use baking soda to baking soda evenly on the surface of the mattress and let stand for half an hour, can eliminate the peculiar smell of the mattress. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean again, if the mattress odor is more strong, can add some oil in the baking soda. Method 3: press type clean mattress mattress with besmirch, can press type clean with wet towel first. Don't use coil cleaning, lest besmirch expands. Can be homemade cleaners clean, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and water mix, rest for a few minutes after injection, then scrub gently with the toothbrush, will soon be able to clean! The effect is very good. After wiping the mattress to use blower to dry. Method 4: give mattress exercise, maintain new mattress mattress use in the first year, should be every 3 months left and right sides, turn around time, make the machine to receive strength evenly in the mattress springs. About turning once every six months after they can. The Suggestions to maintain the mattress 1, keep clean, the weather is good to get some mattress mattress stained with besmirch can use toilet paper or cloth blot moisture, not directly with water or detergent to clean, at the same time, to avoid had just finished washing bath or sweat after lying down on the mattress. 2, don't always sitting on the bed with four Angle at the edge of the mattress is most vulnerable, sit on the side of bed for a long time, easy to make the edge spring premature damage, the stand or fall of bed had a great influence on our sleep quality, relationship with our body can rest, if sleep quality worse, lift not spirit to do anything that the next day. Either for himself or for his family, well maintain the mattress!
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