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Autumn and winter real wood furniture how to maintain

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-18

autumn winter season, the air is dry, the skin becomes tight lack water, and solid wood furniture in the home, they are dry, afraid to lose.

it is a good quality oakwood furnitureif you don't do maintenance, also affect the service life and make oakwood furniturelost luster. This small make up a few maintenance method is summarized, for to popularize knowledge of furniture care under, and see it together.


| prevent furniture sunshine point-blank |

the air crisp, the fall of our doors and Windows open, when I was in the autumn of though is not so hot in the summer, but the dry fall and the sun point-blank, makes it easy to lose the wood internal moisture balance, causing cracks.

in the fall and winter relatively dry environment, should be regularly using artificial humidifying to excessive loss of water, such as wet water often with soft cloth to wipe furniture, etc.

keep good humidity, ideal humidity is around 40%, if the long-term use of air conditioning, can put a basin of water beside her.

temperature shoulds not be too big, avoid air conditioning opened and closed, otherwise easy to appear the phenomenon of blowout of furniture. We need to pay attention to the places where sunlight is relatively strong, can use some thick curtain to appropriate shading.


| strengthen indoor humidity |

skin lacks water besides gels have to raise, household water shortages, too, we can use some green plants or humidifier to increase the air humidity in the home, affecting the humidity of the household.

but on the other hand, need some professional french country furniture care essential oil, easily absorbed by the fiber household, of these oils nourish internal to the household, especially wooden furniture.

do more home has clean, clean to remove the furniture surface consists of the pollutants in the air, when cooking of the lampblack, the operation of stains and marks caused by the remnants of glazing, we recommend the use of special furniture cleaner. This solution will also help remove wax.


| avoid furniture too damp |

most easily cause dry chapped wooden french country furniture in autumn. But the transition to hydrate, or humid conditions for a long time, water absorption expansion, through the cold winter, the spring of the bacterial growth, the rainy weather will decay become waste.

so wet home for a long time, can be appropriate in the open air dehumidification. Thunderstorm frequently during this time, the air humidity is bigger, and solid wood furniture is vulnerable to moisture, wood in the wet expansion mould easily.

so, at ordinary times should be oakwood furniturerelies on a wall metope 1 centimeter or so put some distance, lest in the wet season to absorb excess moisture.

in addition, should be regularly for furniture wax, every 6 - The furniture of 12 months, with a special paste wax to a layer of wax on the furniture. And before the wax, milder than alkaline soap water to erase the old wax.


| avoided household scratch |

when household cleaning, should avoid scratches, for all kinds of household furniture surface coated with paint, the paint film of the maintenance and maintenance is particularly important.

film once destroyed not only affect beautiful, and will further affect the internal structure of product, so often should keep the furniture clean. If there is a scratch, etc. , is a simple method is to use a cotton ball or brush, in furniture surface coated with similar color shoe polish.

to remove stain, usable and clean the blotting paper spread on the water damage, use to heat the iron weighed on top, also can use salad oil, toothpaste, and then clean the french country furniture, waxing.

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