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Ash is introduced

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-03
Chinese name: ash; English name: Ash heartwood pale brown to dark brown, similar to the European robinia appearance. Wood grain, coarse grain. The main purpose is to create luxury furniture. Origin: Russia, North America. Distribution in Russia and parts of Europe of North America. Note: also called ash of northeast China ash, but do not belong to the same class with ash. Ash ash distribution growth in Russia, North America and parts of Europe, natural distribution area northern about along the st. Petersburg ( Leningrad) — — Bok scale and the south, from MaiDeWei ji, estuary to Lu Gan tusk - — Article al mo's tusk - — NieDeBo ROM Peter rove, - — Kirchhoff's husband to the Crimea and south of the Caucasus mountains also have distribution, including Moscow, urban greening and farmland shelterbelt is widely used. Widely used in machinery manufacturing, skis, pulp and furniture production, is one of the main production of wood American high-grade furniture, beautiful and natural texture. Do a laxative bark and fruit used in medicine, also can be extracted from black, brown and blue dye. Wood is dry, but the drying time is long, wood drying shrinkage of medium. Dry shrinkage coefficient, diameter shrinkage 0. 17%, string 0. 31%, the crack of wood during rapid drying. Wood along the grain compressive strength, static music intensity and grain tensile strength is very large. Resistant to decay. Easy to cutting tools, grinding. 1, the edge is very smooth, paint and adhesive performance is very good also. And aging, slightest little performance change, so the real wood practicality is very big. 2, ash processing performance is very good, English is good enough to screw, screw, glue is fixed, by dyeing and polishing and obtain a good surface effect. 3, white wax material tenacity, grain is beautiful, but also has very good overall strength performance, good seismic force and the bending strength of steam, is zhou of wood for making furniture.
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