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Ash and fraxinus mandshurica how to distinguish

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-06

northeast China ash is mainly distributed in northeast China, ash are mainly distributed in Europe and America, this is why the ash is expensive, northeast China ash is cheap. Two kinds of wood properties were similar, are white, very easy to confuse. We have learned, now the market popular most of ash is northeast China ash, mostly Russian fraxinus mandshurica instead of north American ash, the former price is low. Color yellow, after bleaching process is almost the same with the latter, so it is important to pay special attention to.

ash is mainly used for the whole wood decoration, luxury furniture, floor, clothes tree, decorative lines, fine wood products, sports equipment, tool handles, etc. More widely used in machinery manufacturing, skis, pulp and french country furniture production, is one of the main production of wood American high-grade furniture, beautiful and natural texture. Do a laxative bark and fruit used in medicine, also can be extracted from black, brown and blue dye.

the advantages of ash furniture

1, the edge is very smooth, paint and adhesive performance is very good also. And aging, slightest little performance change, so the real wood practicality is very big.

2, ash processing performance is very good, English is good enough to screw, screw, glue is fixed, by dyeing and polishing and obtain a good surface effect.

3, white wax material tenacity, grain is beautiful, but also has very good overall strength performance, good seismic force and the bending strength of steam, is zhou of wood for making furniture.

4, durability: heart wood has medium penetration resistance to the anticorrosion treatment agent, white wood ( Sapwood) Is pervasive, ash is suitable for dry climate, its aging very mild, heartwood changes little.

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