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Annatto furniture collection investment skills

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-31
As people income level and the improvement of life grade, annatto furniture investment collection peremptory has become a collection is an important field of the investment community, the personage inside course of study says, is expected to become the darling of the furniture of annatto furniture. Interested in collecting annatto furniture grasp, need to know some basic collection of annatto attention skills. Must first learn to identify the annatto collection value of the material and appearance. Now on the market there are bright red acid species common annatto, lobular red sandalwood, hua limu, hainan chrysanthemum pear in myanmar, Vietnam chrysanthemum pear to wait for a few kinds, every kind of wood material characteristics and the prices are different, such as red acid branch texture clear and straight, color mostly purplish red, smells sour, therefore calls acid branch; Hua limu, bright colors, texture clear, with the new and old. Next, want to learn to recognize real fake. In recent years, high value and high profit of annatto furniture gave rise to the annatto furniture of fraud. The personage inside course of study reminds, want to avoid fakes, one is to try to choose good commercial reputation annatto furniture store, and pay attention to check to see if the product price on the label material bar with annatto material as stipulated in the national standard; 2 it is to pay attention to false information, usually means of fraud have similar place, understand the false information and means, the more the possibility the screen of fakes. Finally, should pay attention to maintenance of annatto furniture. Annatto furniture collection investment belong to long-term investment collection, so you need to make efforts to save. Such as in the suitable temperature and humidity, to prevent deformation of furniture, worm, and by water immersion, annatto furniture in the future will present a good appearance, fully embodies the collection value.
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