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Annatto Europe type furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-17
Europe type furniture small make up today to explain for everybody, why many manufacturers are willing to use mahogany european-style furniture. Europe type furniture material variety, common crab neem wood, oak, walnut, mahogany, etc material. In the furniture market, the real Europe type furniture is not much, a lot of domestic brands are wood frame, with density board, rare wood veneer or reverse mould making. Recently, exposure of Da Vinci furniture also is such. This kind of Europe type furniture cannot be called the true sense of european-style furniture, have its shape, its quality. And using valuable annatto red acid, hedgehog branches, red sandalwood Europe type furniture is more rare. Crab wood neem evergreen trees and tropical. Common goods material neem tree species have the deer add crab wood, Guyana crab wood neem and pour egg crab wood neem tree species, etc. Mainly distributed in Burma, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and the Philippines, etc. Macro characteristics of wood powder. Heartwood reddish brown to chestnut brown; And sapwood boundaries clear. Face often with dark stripes. Sapwood pale yellow brown, long in color deep in the atmosphere. Growth rings slightly obviously under the magnifying glass, kingdom with round shape parenchyma. Tube hole under the naked eye slightly see; Slightly less; Size medium, valleys or diameter columns; Dark gums. The axial parenchyma under a magnifying glass is visible; To little secret; Too narrow to narrow. Ripple is visible. Cell departed not seen. Wood properties of wood have luster; No special odor and taste; Texture staggered slightly; Fine and uniform structure. Dry in good condition, suitable for pits. Wood decay resistance, few insect harm by bacteria, used in the salt water and fresh water are good. Wood processing performance is good, the plane surface is smooth, suitable for advanced crafts, furniture refinement sculpture. Some domestic high-end brand of furniture also has use this wood, the wood is hard, is suitable for large detailed carving process. The hedgehog rosewood hedgehog rosewood ( Annatto) , advocate in tropical Africa. Other origin: Senegal, Gambia, guinea Bissau, guinea, Mali, Mauritania, and other west African country has produced. Hedgehog rosewood belongs to the inside of the redwood gb red sandalwood, rosewood class. Hedgehog rosewood for bulk Kong Cai, half ring Kong Cai tendency is obvious. Growth is quite obvious. Heartwood orange red, brick red, or purple, often with dark stripes, scratches visible to clear; Fragrance free or very weak; Fine structure; Texture staggered. Hedgehog rosewood advocate in tropical Africa, and because of its color, pattern and chrysanthemum pear is similar, so the market called 'African chrysanthemum pear', 'African rosewood', 'Africa to spend pear', 'flower', these are not standard, the name of the merchants is popular used for all sorts of purposes. These non-standard name cannot be used to mean a hedgehog rosewood, they are general category concept, and the hedgehog rosewood is specifically a tree species, is one of the redwood national standard in 33 species. In simple terms, the difference between the 'African rosewood and the hedgehog red sandalwood red sandalwood is the real rosewood is a hedgehog, belongs to the mahogany, but the inside of the' African rosewood 'is not necessarily annatto rosewood, most of the' African rosewood 'is the flower pear, grass spend pear, they do not belong to annatto. This is 'African rosewood and the essential difference between the hedgehog rosewood. Red acid branch acid, leguminous jacaranda tree species, due to the new section has a rosewood acid aroma, called acid. Mainly produced in southeast Asia, it is a redwood gb one of 5 genera and 8 class 33 annatto. Red acid branches are large tropical evergreen trees, in north China is called 'old annatto,', guangxi is called 'acid', 'national annatto standard' as 'red acid branch', 'mahogany' national standard regulation, red rosewood class has the following four essential conditions: currently on the market, to produce more red rosewood in southeast Asia area, Laos, myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and other countries. Now immigration more wood for rough machining hew to remove the sapwood, red rosewood material also has a SPAR, smaller diameter, mainly produce with Laos, partial purple, black and longitudinal stripes ( The industry says 'black bar') , beautiful texture, have similar dalbergiae cocobolo face grain, dense drowned in the water, this kind of situation for the previous material stock more; Material is a bit poor, texture is similar, but the color is light, uneven, small density not drowned in the water, alternaria alternata in myanmar. Red acid branch characteristics: (1) open saw red acid branches, wood send out a kind of spice, smell smell of will. (2) color: general for terra-cotta-colored and dark red, dark yellow oxidation in air. (3) wooden: hard and heavy, the structure is exquisite, heavy oil, can be drowned in the water. (4) mane eye: fine, small and dense. (5) texture: plain wood grain is beautiful, elegant and pure and fresh, with dark brown or black silky straight stripes. Red acid branch in the current market is second only to annatto hainan chrysanthemum pear, lobular red sandalwood, chrysanthemum pear, black acid branch of Vietnam fine mahogany material, it is the fifth member of the annatto material ranking, red rosewood large output, have wide material picture, beautiful color decorative pattern, excellent material, widely used in the production of various types and padauk classical style furniture, also suitable for production of decorative arts and crafts, instruments, carving, etc. More common in the present annatto furniture market. Ok that is Europe type furniture small make up for everybody introduction, about why Europe type furniture manufacturers are willing to use annatto as raw materials.
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