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American real wood furniture collocation knowledge conveniently see American solid wood furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-12-02

bold atmosphere is Italian and French furniture, American furniture, uninhibited style to some. A necessity for American and American style to build solid wood furniture, and is in need of some solid wood home decorate a method to reflect the location of its leading role, so in terms of collocation will cost more thoughts, is below small make up to bring the American images and real wood furniture collocation method.

American photos of solid wood furniture and collocation knowledge introduction

in order to avoid furniture and jewelry decorate too much, to keep the packing of the house, American real wood furniture itself does not reflect the elegant temperament. I would rather put don't put much less, especially jewelry, simply put the 1 basin of flowers on the table simulation, 1 - 2 frames on the edge of a few, as is to play the role of the ornament, rather than space, reflects the average American leisure household life atmosphere with a younger, more vigorous, too trival adornment will only increase bedroom overstaffed and sense of responsibility.

decoration such as ning don't abuse less

note American leisure furniture on color and texture of the harmonious collocation, avoid top-heavy. Dark brown leather sofa can consider, for example, tie-in flax series and color depth of cushion for leaning on, such as natural appear more sedate elegance. Some thin silk or cotton cushion suitable for cloth art sofa collocation. The collocation of carpet and sofa is the same truth: leather sofa is more suitable for thick wool carpet, texture algal mat or sisal mat on the ground is more suitable for cloth art sofa, can add a lot of leisure.

color and texture to the harmonious collocation American style furniture collocation is divided into two parts of hard and soft outfit

in the modern sense of the soft adornment is not difficult to separate, people put a hard, soft outfit design and rigid separation, largely because they are during the construction, but in the application, as well as rich space concept, and to make the space to meet the need of alienation, home decoration. Show individual character. Simply say: if can decorate good house down, it will fall down soft load, won't fall down hard to load. Basically, it can be understood as movable flexible, hard components.

the difference between hard outfit and soft outfit

the first bed decoration is given priority to with warm, practical and comfortable, functional as the key point. Mattresses, bed cover, and even pillows are decorated with the same or similar fabric. For American furniture collocation, concise generous solid-wood, highlight the unique temperament and charm of American furniture.

American solid-wood tie-in way

then the TV ark, use the most solid wood TV ark. Solid wood panel wardrobe always easy to give the feeling of a person with a high, solid wood panel also has a lot of kinds, separately differ a introduced here. Rosewood and mahogany TV ark is often the best, but they are also the most expensive, because they are very precious. General economic strength of the family chooses oak, camphor wood, Chinese fir, the real wood TV ark price moderate, very durable, do not eat by moth, cost-effective.

American wood TV ark collocation knowledge

at the time table of natural, environmental protection, welcome by consumer. But it is precisely because the material itself and some disadvantages, make people hesitant when buying it. Solid wood furniture is easy to deformation, it is difficult to maintain the characteristics of the purchase requirements for solid wood table, can more in-depth understanding of the material, the more strict inspection, level off is smooth, texture clear, fine workmanship, these are the basic element of solid wood dining table procurement.

American solid wood dining table collocation knowledge

in the end, the size of the solid wood kitchen cabinets are often limited by the location, so citizens before buy real wood kitchen cabinets, you should know the size and location of the solid wood kitchen cabinets. If the location of the solid wood table is very wide, you can buy a bigger, also can buy together a few small sideboard. If the position is small, can only buy a little bit small, especially the cabinet depth is not too big, otherwise the space is too big, appear crowded. Sideboard can general wine, tea and a small number of plates and other utensils.

American the collocation of solid wood kitchen cabinets

more American wood pictures you feel? American collocation methodology to solid wood furniture? In fact, American real wood furniture as one of the most popular style furniture, have to admit that the advantages are more.

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