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American furniture which is better?

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-18
Primary emphasis on American furniture deep, ruggedly line circulation, combine classical design and exquisite material, shows beautiful, restore ancient ways, deep luxurious, comfortable and applicable on is higher than that of all people. American furniture material for solid wood furniture is much by merrill lynch peach wood, cherry, maple and pine. The peach wood, cherry wood belongs to demand for decades or even hundreds of years before that become precious wood, maple is also become useful to 40 years. These carefully selected materials for furniture appearance further established the warp and woof of outstanding, finishing and meticulously carved furniture appearance, show the common features. Nearly ten years, American furniture in China's domestic market sales is very good, buy the furniture consumers, ages FuYuXing people in their 40 s and 50 s economy, gradually younger, China's largest and most concentrated - the capital of American furniture manufacturing - - Province shunde music from American furniture market on good and evil people mixed up, a lot of resin paint, furniture made of PU foam flooding the market, some stores even in the field of the goods is the real thing, the furniture that consumers received, but goods not board, resulting in a large number of consumer complaints. Therefore, all over the country to furniture manufacturing city - China - - Friend, lecong town, shunde, where to buy furniture, want to pay attention to the more, try to find a good manufacturer rap, or visit factory, avoid to pay high price for resin paint furniture. In view of the American furniture market, we organized a comparison on shunde music from several powerful manufacturers, in the investigation, we found that some manufacturers of materials and workmanship are good, some is purchased the semi-finished products, to the children skin in the plant, the manufacturers often use the miscellaneous wood, without drying processing, to the north easy moths and cracking. , of course, there are also some exquisite workmanship and materials are manufacturers, in the visit, we went to visit the rich furniture group, furniture factory, the brand is the wood has adopted European American furniture production through secondary drying processing, our field visit to the real wood cutting workshop, manual sculpture workshop, paint workshop, ammonites leather workshop, found that their use is a bit more high-end cowhide head layer cowhide, part of the real imported leather, the paint is environmental protection paint room, workshop is clean, the paint is environmental protection. Prices, according to the rich furniture general manager pan, now doing activities, if carve patterns or designs on woodwork is not complicated, the cheapest down to 60000 yuan, a furniture is suitable for all kinds of people. The rich los choose furniture group, American furniture manual sculpture workshop on good timber, often compared to a solid, consolidated, after use. An American furniture can usually used for several decades, hundreds of years, my grandfather used to the father, father to son. Families in the United States, if you have a grandmother used furniture, will be put in the home, the most dazzling azimuth for americans, this is a kind of pride. And fewer American furniture of Europe type furniture of gorgeous, gold silver, has kept its vast, comfortable, have become more and more useful.
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