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After the first custom furniture decorate four benefits

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-16
Decorate, the most traditional style of construction is in accordance with a predetermined first part design of the bedroom metope, floor, etc, and then according to the style with furniture and accessories. Decorate the family decoration, furniture so difficult to choose become the most common problem. Now many advocate decorate a new model of stylist of adornment company and & ndash; — Custom furniture decorate after first; Very good solution to the problem.

after starts again after not buy furniture decorate, but before you start the furniture style, color, size, price to be fixed, and then let the other design according to your custom furniture stylist, such as the design of the colour of metope, floor, ceramic tile in the shop is stuck, and so on. So what are the benefits?

1。 Helps to grasp the style

most prospective family decorate; Actually not too much to decorate experience, also does not have the molding design train of thought, a lot of people just from newspaper, Internet or others know some basic knowledge in the home, when communicate with designer, also just take the door model figure, this leads to a designer can't well understand your be fond of, is just the continuation of his original design style, some even to the original scheme directly applied to decorate.

re-election and customized furniture stylist is different, you can go to see a favorite first with stylist custom furniture, and tell him the size, so that designers can through specific know you like the style of furniture, the products will melt into his design, make whole household style is unified. Will be based on the size of the furniture designer do some bedroom pattern changes, so as not to appear in order to meet the design style and get rid of some of the furniture.

2。 Make full use of space

general in the money allowed, we will be in order to save some small furniture such as shoe ark, dado decoration company to do, think it not only save time and effort, also to avoid the inadequate size of the furniture of choose and buy. But the decoration company site to do too much attention to the use function of furniture can meet consumer demand for vogue to live in. If these furniture set in advance before decorate will revoke these troubles, because now house structure is more flexible, can get through a lot of space and random partition.

3。 Reduce the cost of custom furniture first

is a kind of effective cost control to decorate. Decorate the person all know, the final decoration design is generally more than the original budget, because there are often hitches in decorating a process not an advance of items, such as would be a lot more puzzling several cabinet, Labour cost of material nature also more, period lengthen, still have to pay more, the decoration company is not to come out on the original quotation.

after the chosen furniture you actually spent a lot of cost, but also the basic pattern has been determined, the rest is just a part of the foundation engineering to the decoration company to do, can avoid many unnecessary items. When decorating cost a lot of so many people, when to buy furniture found that cash-strapped, can only buy some cheap and fit the decorates a style to make furniture, household illuminative integral feeling is very harmonious.

4。 Easier then save time

household market is comprehensive quality, at the time of go to building materials can also see the furniture, if you have suitable might as well just booking, a can let the designers have goals, second can reduce the number of shopping city, be easier then. Now a lot of consumers prefer pure imported furniture, a lot of special exquisite pure entrance furniture have at least one month waiting period, because of the production, transportation, all need a certain amount of time. However, in the furniture before decorate & ndash; — , especially the chest of drawers and the locker room booked to decorate finished, custom french country furniture also can be sent to install, just such a move can at least half a month ahead of time, so why not?

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