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A small family decorate 'millions' guide!

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-20
Prices are sky-high,

small family become young people to buy a house first, if is 3

will be on the design to create a livable space

rational design, clever apply these two

small family we are

no! Will be! It!

no! Worm! R! ! ! ! Open source design reasonable

not reasonable design can let a room appear cluttered, cause is inherently limited room appears more small, so the reasonable design is very important!

color choose cool color to move the best cold tonal had diffuse and regressive sex, make the bedroom can give a person with bright and pure and fresh and optimistic, capacious feeling. form choose

simple + light

shape and size of furniture to choose the modelling is simple, qualitative the furniture with light, cabinet feeling. This can maximum limit hold items, and don't give a person crowded feeling. Use light

curve to make the space appears more spacious

small family room, to build large space atmosphere, is skillfully applied in the room lights, ceiling lamp deliberately make it curve, make space suddenly had the feeling and administrative levels. Space extended upward

not horizontal to vertical

since the horizontal space is too small, it is fore-and-aft development. Simple long custom wardrobe will not let a room messy, and can add storage space.

throttling using

embedded receive ark

all things can be embedded in the

most level designers to solve small family big kill, is a wide range of embedded installation to receive ark, cabinet, wardrobe, bookcase, shoecase, etc. , in short, is embedded into the cabinet!


can be embedded into the cabinet is not only a

dig out directly from the wall of the storage space & ndash; — Niche. Niche can be used as a cupboard, bookshelf, etc of building area, use more convenient, the position of the niche set furniture is decorated and easy to use, must be considered at the same time, special attention should be paid to the safety of the structure of wall body.

in the corner of the use of

changed decayed for magical

small family because of the space is narrow, utilization is to reach perfection, can pass some custom-made furniture, corner rational utilization of resources, increase the object space. Such as the following window and custom ambry drawer.

multifunctional furniture

one thing amphibious

remember, the choice of furniture must be given priority to with simple and light, so when choosing multifunctional furniture should pay special attention to is practical, avoid complex, not commonly used. Shenzhen furniture, oakwood furniturecustom famous brand, is committed to professional customized pure solid wood furniture, to create a green household environment for you, french country furniture r&d, design, production, service, provide furniture, from consulting, design, production and processing, 'on-shore delivery, installation to after-sale one-stop service. Consultation telephone: 15889600584

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