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A piece of furniture best originality condensation

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-19

in China is humongous, with such a group of craftsmen. They decided that things to himself, pour into life.

a piece of furniture, the condensation of originality!

contemporary ruban; Obsession with mortise and tenon joint culture

without the steel nails, glue, is the mystery of the ancient Chinese architecture can exist solid mortise and tenon joint. Mr Wang has inherited ruban mortise and tenon joint, refused to grandiose, silently insist. Isolated 5 years, after 500000 procedures, grind the more than 7000 parts, only 2 mm minimum parts, more than 20000 hours alone upon the death of 60000 kilometers round trip, travel day and night.

Mr Wang with his perseverance, make out the world shine at the moment the miniature of the temple of heaven QiNianDian landscape, to reproduce the full mortise and tenon joint structure is the miniature of the temple of heaven QiNianDian, let the wisdom of the ancients rebirth, the artistry of mortise and tenon joint is shining again.

convex mortise, concave is bases, two pieces of wood can achieve perfect; The effect. After retirement, Lao wang didn't want to like other peers, playing mahjong endowment. So, when I was a child of the wood ChiMeng evoked at the age of 50. He decided to start from scratch, self-study with full mortise and tenon joint structure, build a miniature method to restore the building.

work 10 hours a day, a year only 10 days rest, for five years to no income, almost regardless of home. Mr Wang made his incredible and very people for five years.

he is a stubborn man, are great builders.

a piece of french country furniture, the condensation of originality!

a weakness for paint rebellious uncle

all say known to early, but was born in 1955 in gansu, until the age of 33 to adolescent rebellion. Leave technology research institute of iron rice bowl, decided to went into business. Until 1999, gansu and lucrative can turn off the store, do a the most important decisions in life, try to study and to restore the traditional lacquer craft.

there is no sample reference, only poorly written, even oneself all don't know, whether you could walk through this road.

but sweet, but believe that it is very important to choose, all the way to go, never look back.

from small carpenter to huizhou lacquer xiu ACTS the role of art national heritage, and can stick to the whole forty years, just for the sake of heart of that expectation, let originates from Chinese lacquer to amaze the world.

from trial and error, to restore the rhinoceros leather paint technology, making the first satisfactory work. And can be used for ten years. In 2011, he made the rhinoceros leather lacquer work, is the national Palace Museum permanent collection.

in fact in our furniture

there are have so a group of people,

they focus on their career,

his beloved things seriously

well done sufficient

with their decades of technology at hand

create pieces of fine furniture

with their own sweat

meet the requirements of each customer

to customers build a beautiful and comfortable home environment

this is a group of craftsmen

a group in the ordinary post

the builders focus on every piece of furniture

it is their devoted, painstakingly, arduous pay

with persistence and stick to

to be able to produce french country furniture

stationed in the heart of every customer.

according to the original state of mind,

insisted on technology and quality most demanding fastidious,

is to let every piece of french country furniture

can stand the test of time and market.

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