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A good attitude to life, the essential factors of a good household

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-13

because of love and sincerity, ordinary household environment also can become warm and simple. We all know that a good way of life and attitude to life is to make the home environment has become an important factor in better, share with you my bridal chamber decorates the case below, by the way, to share my life values. Porch

house because the space is lesser, choose the dark blue bottom, this can let a space appear larger on the vision, orange coat full of vigor, full of vitality. Fitted with a mirror on the wall is small family decorate the necessary, so that you can enlarge a space, improve space utilization. Next to the shoe rack also rose to receive around, make life more easy and convenient.

the sitting room & amp; Bedroom

25 ㎡ room don't do space partition, restaurant and sitting room together, with white at the bottom, make household more fully transparent. Sofa bed can serve as the function of the bedroom and sitting room, also has the functions of a storage again.

lamps and lanterns is given priority to with simple and practical, with the combination of embedded lamp + floor lamp, black floor lamp is simple and easy.

light gray sofa is simple and easy, for themselves to provide a warm bed, good sleep is king.

in selecting decorations, can choose has the depth to hang a picture, can increase dimensional feeling also provides a color space. The color of warm color department to cool color to move home become lively rise.

TV wall would be free, a row of bucket tank, a TV, both the desk, also had to receive ark.

restaurant & amp; Kitchen

consider kitchen lampblack is more, easy to get dirty on the ground, chose a more comfortable and more resistant to dirty thick wooden floor, and the white low-key photograph echo of the sitting room. Open mode kitchen make a space more capacious.

a corner of the room, the sitting room and porch together with a small refrigerator, with some cute wind.

round table delicate and sweet cohesive, tie-in and delicate small hammer lamp, let the home more sweet.


toilet is clean and crisp turquoise bottom. Although the space is very small, but many receive a space.

shower, bath, washing machine is beside, washes the bath to wash the clothes directly, convenient and quick.

separated between the bathroom and washing machine with a curved glass, prevent splash water to the washing machine, the circuit is easy to bad.

is flush toilets and clean appliance, to avoid the clean corner, more fashionable and generous.

big mirror to increase the scope of interval, make whole bathroom appear more capacious and bright.

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