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A family to decorate the wooden door of knowledge

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-19
At present, the building materials market in the full of beautiful things in eyes of wooden door products, increase the consumer choose and buy space already, also increased the difficulty of consumer choose and buy, at the same time to some distributors fraud.

wood basically has real wood door, solid wood composite door, molded door, etc. Real wood door, by the natural log has not deformation, corrosion resistance, no crack and heat insulation effect, the real wood door on the market at present more choose rare wood, high prices; Solid wood composite door pine, fir, or other filling material mainly by the adhesive into the door, then the external paste density board and solid mumupi, after high temperature hot pressing, with lighter weight, not easy deformation, not cracking, thermal insulation, impact resistance, flame retardant features, modelling is rich, and the design can be a big space to choose; Moulded wood door is made from wood skeleton, skeleton paste with floral and simulation of wood grain on the high density fiber moulded door plank, and then the mechanical suppression and become, moistureproof, no crack, and resistance to deformation characteristics, affordable, but some sound insulation effect is relatively poor.

when wood of choose and buy, need to pay attention to the following questions: 1,

weight: wooden door manufacturing process quality, directly affects the service life of the door, in general, wooden door in use after a period of time, prone to deformation, cracking and other phenomena, and reduces the sound insulation of the door, such as sealing performance. Therefore, the higher the density of the door, the more heavy weight, sound insulation effect is better, relatively long service life.

2, use function: bedroom door should be able to guarantee the bedroom has a good privacy, can use the door of the transmission of light weak and solid type; Study door should have very good sound insulation effect, pervious to light; The kitchen door should have a good waterproof, sealing, so that it can effectively cut off lampblack diffusion; The door of the toilet should pay attention to privacy and waterproof.

3, colour collocation, the colour of the wood should be harmonious with bedroom photograph, if the mass-tone attune of the bedroom is light color fastens, should choose the cool color such as white oak, birch is wooden door. If the mass-tone attune of the written language is brunet department, should choose teak, walnut, Sally Billy warm color department, such as wooden door. The colour should be the colour of the french country furniture and floor of wooden door close, contrast with metope color, to build an administrative levels feeling of the space.

4, the modelling, the modelling of wooden door should be consistent with the bedroom adornment style. If domestic outfit design elements for the mainstream, with the curve of the bedroom the style of wooden door should is curved. Wooden door should is consistent with the indoor wooden french country furniture, so as to achieve the best effect of bedroom decoration.

5, auxiliary parts: hardware quality affects the service life of wooden door. The hardware of hinge is connected to the wooden door and door frame, good hinges should be have anticorrosive performance and good transport.

6, the price: the wooden door that sells on the market, the price does not contain more paint on the cost, in terms of not only separate door leaf and door frame, hinges, locks and other hardware is not matching, when consumer choose and buy must consider to be clear about.

( Custom interior solid wood door series)

special tips: when decorate, should buy the door or door

manufacturers sell door is both mechanical production, effect of character, paint, environmental protection and so on are guaranteed, and after-sale service, installation speed is very fast, relatively perfect service, just the style and color is more rigid. And do your own door, although relatively casual on colour and design, but it is time-consuming, From the nail door cover paint end takes about 15 days) Poor, process, low environmental factor disadvantages. If you want to decorate a simple and concise style, might as well buy the door; If you consider colors style, had to build wooden door.

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