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3 minutes with you understand Europe type furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-09
Furniture unlike FMCG, generally not engaged in the profession, few people took the time to get to know the furniture itself. European furniture as imports, about average consumption with cognitive some inconvenience. Like people know about mobile phone brand deeply, all know that apple's iPhone is big brands of mobile phones, but few people know that Europe type furniture brand which is stronger, the real Europe type furniture, focusing on the overall decoration effect, refined carving, appearance is very elegant and dignitaries, endowed with artistic charm, as the same simple and poetry, such as fine art is the same. This furniture style after hundreds of years of change, always did not change it fine copy cut, JingDiaoXiLou characteristics. Abound adornment sex, internal, simple sense is the biggest characteristics of European classical style furniture. Mention European classical furniture, always reminiscent of the deep culture inside information, a few hundred years down the transmission of civilization, in the furniture of the perfect embodiment. European classical furniture first, including Italy style furniture, French style furniture, the Spanish style furniture, the British style furniture. Differences in the classic European style, new classic variety, style, make public. It is in the classical furniture designers and innovative ideas have emerged in the process of change. Designers will be classical wind yee together with personal style and the spirit of the modern, classical furniture appear 'cool' appearance, neoclassicism style enthusiasm, Spain Italy neoclassicism style, fashionable, results of the neo-classical European style diversification. When it comes to the embodiment of the value of natural, European rural style will have to say. It first points two rural style British and testimonies. Characteristics of the former is the colorful cloth art and pure art manufacturing: every match is a kind of local flavour is dye-in-the-wood, elegant; The latter is characterized by furniture wash white the match colors and dared. Follow the change of s, seeking to ease the modern young people more and more love to the simplicity of ikea furniture, simplified the Europe type furniture domestic trend gradually. Jane's also became European adornment style, to simplify the original part of the European style elegant still remains.
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